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  1. Davethepitch

    1988 proof coin set Canada

    Now sold thanks. Dave
  2. Davethepitch

    Strange auction prices on Kew 50p coins

    £30 plus paid for a copy what's up with some people.
  3. Davethepitch

    Strange auction prices on Kew 50p coins

    I have noticed that loads of times and i have seen really poor quality ones fetch good money and nice ones less and i cannot understand the logic of people.
  4. Davethepitch

    Strange auction prices on Kew 50p coins

    I have seen a few on a popular auction site clearly stating they are fakes and people have paid decent money for them.
  5. Davethepitch

    Brunel £2

    This is my Brunel and notice the Two Dounds instead of pounds and offset striking..
  6. Davethepitch

    Magna Carta £2 (not in the BU sets)

    All as i have seen in the Midlands for years is the Standing on the shoulders of giants (standard one) and i would have noticed if i had a different style of coin. Be on the look out for fakes http://ukfakeanderrorcoins.50webs.com/OTHERS.HTML Dave
  7. Davethepitch

    Brunel £2

    I have an almost complete collection of £2 coins and i have seen loads of those types of coins on a large auction site and i don't know why but sometimes they sell well and others not at all. A lot of people think that part of missing words, offset stamping and upside down edge writing makes their coin worth a lot but i don't think that is always the case and also it seems that most 50p's and £2 coins just lately are being offered as rare. For reference and information I like this site http://ukfakeanderrorcoins.50webs.com/index.htm You could put it on a large auction site and try and you may be lucky but at the end of the day it is worth £2 I have seen £2 coins sell for .99p and £1.20 P&P and obviously they are out of pocket on sales like that. Now if you had a Northern Ireland commonwealth games £2 coin that would be a different story. Dave
  8. Davethepitch

    1988 proof coin set Canada

    I thought this may have had some interest being as our queen is their reigning monarch.
  9. Davethepitch

    1988 proof coin set Canada

    Yes sorry my mistake I read the post and saw where a reply said maybe £25 posted and that stuck in my head. But you are correct I did say I would pay £20 so £20 it is. Dave
  10. Davethepitch

    1988 proof coin set Canada

    I forgot to add offers also accepted. Dave
  11. Davethepitch

    1988 proof coin set Canada

    Hello all For sale is a lovely 1988 Canadian proof coin set for the 250th anniversary of Saint Maurice ironwork's in the Provence of Quebec and contains both the 1988 silver and circulating dollars in a case which is protected by another outer box. £25 which includes postage and payment by PayPal gift please. Thanks Dave
  12. Davethepitch

    Valuation greatly appreciated

    Tell me about it.
  13. Davethepitch

    Valuation greatly appreciated

    Yes mate
  14. Davethepitch

    Valuation greatly appreciated

    I would be happy pay £20 posted. Dave
  15. Davethepitch

    Valuation greatly appreciated

    I don't know to be honest as I am not sure how much postage would be. But I am not a greedy person just inexperienced with no knowledge of prices. Dave