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  1. I got a 1930s George V silver shilling in change as a 5p in the very late 80s/early 1990/1 if I remember correctly. It was whilst I was on a day out in London. Other than that, I only ever came across cupro-nickel George VI and Elizabeth II shillings and florins. Ian
  2. hertfordian

    EU referendum - in or out?

    I can't get rid of my local MP as there is a first past the post system and I live in a safe seat. That's not exactly a ringing endorsement for me wanting to leave the EU now is it?
  3. hertfordian

    Odd 50P

    Is it just that this is an old size 50 p coin (1985) and this was 30mm in diameter and some 13.5gms in weight? As such, it was bigger and thicker than the current 50s and this could lead to someone thinking it's a piedfort?
  4. Hi all - I'm trying to find out if there are any local coin clubs in the area (I'm between Biggleswade and Sandy in NE Beds). I've managed to find mention of a Bedford Numismatic Club on Google but I'm unsure as to whether this is still active or if the information is out of date. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks in advance Ian
  5. hertfordian

    1992 20p small head/large head

    Jubilee Head shillings they're not! I've never seen any difference and if you need a microscope ... my interest flies out the window Hi there I have got one of each example and there is a noticeable different to the naked eye (albeit not massive). I'd say there's about a millimetre extra space around the portrait - most noticeably at the bottom of the neck where it goes near the inner rim of the coin. Hope that helps?
  6. SHHHHHHH!!! Don't let them hear you say that! The Mint seems so desparate to make money issuing tat they might just go for that one. With of course 365 different obverse designs for the 1€ coins each year. As for coin mags .. I don't actually ever remember buying one. I used to subscribe to Spink's Circular but essentially for the coins for sale and nice pics of coins (for sale!). The articles by and large were not of interest to me. However, I am aware that compared to most here I have a very narrow collecting interest indeed. Despite that, I was interested to realise that I got just as much of a thrill in finding a counterfeit 50p piece the other day as I do in tracking down a particularly nice hammered shilling, so I guess a general interest in coins is still there. I too read old books occasionally and find them fun. But somehow a 20 or 30 year old mag of any description is interesting because of the snapshot on prices, life and interests of a different era. I've been wondering how to translate that all into a magazine of today and .. most importantly whether I'd buy such a thing. And I'm not sure I would. Now, as I say, I'm likely not typical. But looking around here at the range of coin collecting interests, I find it difficult to think of a magazine that could keep up the diversity, academic depth and entertainment value to keep us all interested month after month. How about something like they have for the Tasmanian Numismatic Society? (http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/feb11.htm) This is a fine example of what can be achieved with an e-only edition and it's almost always got something of interest in it and doesn't just limit itself to Australian coinage.
  7. hertfordian

    Age of members?

    42 here. I must be getting old as I can increasingly see what Victor Meldrew was going on about these days.... Must be to do with having three daughters....
  8. hertfordian

    Sideline collection ~ £2 coins

    That is very true and very sound advice. Especially when you take into account the issue price for some of the coins. However, I do also think that for someone who does collect such coins that an informed decision needs to be taken at some point whether to decide to buy at issue price and be comforted in the fact that they will own the coin, albeit at an high price, than to have to pay a vastly inflated price in the future if a coin is found to be a scarce or rare issue. I do conceed however that will only occur in certain circumstances, such as the aforementioned £2 Trial Set, and that your advice is very wise indeed. I agree - I did go and buy one of the 2008 20p mule errors but I am pleased that I only paid £30 for it - this was just before the "bubble" really started and the prices went completely over the top. I believe now they're going for about £60 so I guess everything finds its level eventually....
  9. I think it was, but misguided in my view. A controversial follow-up to this question - *assuming* (and it's a big assume right at the moment), the euro survives its present travails and perhaps in 10-20 years, sterling finally goes into oblivion and we end up in it - does anyone think people will look back (say in about 50-75 years' time) and think "why on earth did we still keep our separate currency from the other 400-450 million people just over the channel".....?
  10. hertfordian


    I believe (others may correct me if I'm wrong) that copper, not steel, is still used for the BU Royal Mint sets? In which case it has most likely been taken from a set. For some reason, the Royal Mint struck a large quantity of 2 pences in 1998 in the old bronze composition and that is why these are non-magnetic. Now as to why they suddenly decided to do this for just this year, I'm afraid I can't answer that and will have to leave others far more knowledgeable than me to fill you in on that point. Hope this helps Ian
  11. hertfordian

    2009 coins in change

    Courtesy of my folks, my new 2009 5p came winging its way from a supermarket in North London. Looking out for the rest of the denominations apart from the penny which can be found v. easily round here.
  12. And here they are http://www.royalmint.com/store/BritishSilv...mp;origin=email Now how on earth do the RM justify trying to charge just short of £200 for a proof set in CUPRO-NICKEL?!?! If that was for sterling silver, maybe - but base metal?! I know they've got to make money these days but they are having a laugh - particularly if one compares how much similar products seem to cost from the US Mint.... I think that this is one set that I'll *definitely* be able to live without!
  13. hertfordian

    2009 coins in change

    Sorry it's not 2009 but 2008 - but I've just got only my second "old style" 10p coins in change today. They're certainly elusive little buggers! Now as for the 2p - I found one old style one fairly early on but haven't seen any since and don't even get me started on Britannia 50s - I'm still looking for one of them!!
  14. Not sure about the answer to that but FWIW, I do recall going on a visit to the Royal Mint around 1981/2 (when such tours were still fairly commonplace as I understand it) and I remember seeing large hoppers full of old coins which were just sitting there presumably awaiting meltdown. Perhaps one of these "found" its way into the presses to start a new life as a decimal coin...?? Just my 2 penny-worth (over-struck on an old ship halfpenny of course!!)
  15. I do remember some years ago (must have been around 1995/96) getting given a couple of £2 coins in change from the post office despite these being the old single colour versions which were only really intended for commemorative purposes. Haven't ever seen anyone try spending a fiver coin though. BTW - Got a generic "to all households in the UK" mail-out from the Royal Mint today offering an Olympic Countdown for a fiver. Shame that they've then whacked £1.95 postage charge on top of that so it's not quite the "fiver for a fiver" that they're claiming in the literature. Also, they must have money to burn if these mail-outs really have gone to *every* household in the UK! Hertfordian