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  1. Kronos

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year
  2. Is there a way of adding coins that are not listed? If so I think I'll buy the full version David Yes you can add a new coin or variety. Right click on the denomination you want to add in the collection window and then select Add Coin(s). Then scroll to the bottom in the new window that opens and you will see "Click here to add new variety". Just type in the year and press return. You can then add any new info required for the coin you have just added. It's all in the manual which you shoud get with the trial version.
  3. I tried changing the values but it wouldn't overwrite them, although for now i'm using the free trial, so perhaps thats it It must be, I would think.
  4. I've been using Coin Manage UK for 3 years now. I over type the values that are not quite right. It has a couple of minor bugs but it works fine for my needs.
  5. Kronos

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all
  6. Hope you had a good one Bob.
  7. Being a collector and not a seller I always by the coin and not the grade and I am not that worried if I pay more than the coin is worth in a book. My original question regarding valuing coins is that my collection is not listed specifically in my house insurance and I need to put a value on my collection so I can do this. I suppose I could use Spink but from what I have read above this would over value my collection, which in hindsight is not a bad thing I suppose for insurance purposes. This now leads me to another question, if the worst did happen (god forbid) and my collection was stolen what would the insurance companies use to value the coins.
  8. I frequently find Spink to be the most far out of the major guides, some of their prices are quite baffling and bear no relationship to what coins are going for in the real world. I also think their Unc. price in this case (£50) is pushing twice as much as its actual value even with 95% plus lustre. Spink is fine as a wide ranging guide to what is available, and for all I know, may be reasonably accurate for those really top end coins which none of us can afford. But for the bread and butter stuff that us mere mortals dabble in, it can be quite hopeless. You may say that as the CCGB price is only £5, then you have paid 50p over the top, but what has to be remembered is that between EF (£5) and BU (£35) is a great chasm into which real, rather than theoretical coins will fit. The vast bulk of coins aren't exactly EF or Unc. but somewhere between the two, so on that basis I would consider the £5.50 you paid for a pleasing EF, pretty good value. I'd echo most of this. As a mere collector I used to regard Spink (& Seaby before them) as a "bible" whose prices were holy writ. After dealing for a few years I soon came to revise that opinion. I now tend to regard it more as a sort of insurance table, where you get 2/3 of the quoted price if you suffer a loss. Having said that, I'd say there were collectors out there who would happily pay more than £70 for a genuinely BU 1934 halfcrown - it's quite a rare coin in that condition! Aslo remember that Spinks mean BU when they say UNC. CCGB lists the two separately, and £70 is Chris's UNC price not BU. The first 'Coins of England' I purchased was Seabys (1981), I was 18 years old and I also thought of it as the bible, I have purchased it every year since. Why? I don’t know, possibly posterity. So when purchasing a coin (or selling one) what do you use as a guide line?
  9. Spink 2010 price is EF £10, I wish I could purchase all my coins at half the value (I'd settle for that), but then again it's not the value, it's what you want to pay for a coin, unless you want to sell it. CCGB 2010 is valued is EF £5. I don't fully understand how the values are defined, between both books there can be a big difference. Take a 1934 Unc Halfcrown, one is £70 and the other is £140. It’s beyond me!
  10. What did you get for it ? £92.00. I don’t buy and sell them. It was my own copy which I had virtually never used. I'm mainly into collecting milled silver and for the copper and bronze that I do purchase, Freeman's book is quite adequate for me. The £92 went towards a vintage 1950's Hardy Altex fishing reel. Great reel maker, the rods are pretty mediocre though! Coupled with my Richard Warlker rods, these reels a great.
  11. Very 'Chris Yates' of you..... My fishing Idol.
  12. Kronos

    Slow site

    If you do upgrade to the ZX81 Kronos, and if you afford it, then I would highly recommend the 16k Ram Pack. Manic Miner runs like a treat now with zero lag! Thanks for info Rob, Thermal printer is also on the cards.
  13. How many Pecks will you buy? No more, see my response to '£400 for a penny'. Well not unless the copper and bronze bug really gets to me.
  14. What did you get for it ? £92.00. I don’t buy and sell them. It was my own copy which I had virtually never used. I'm mainly into collecting milled silver and for the copper and bronze that I do purchase, Freeman's book is quite adequate for me. The £92 went towards a vintage 1950's Hardy Altex fishing reel.
  15. Kronos

    Slow site

    Amstrad, I'm not as fortunate as you Peter, but anyway there's still plenty of life in my ZX80 I have been toying with the idea of upgrading to the ZX81 though