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    Idris Elba - think recent Ann Boleyn.
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    It doesn't , It just depends on whether you find date width variations interesting and wish to collect them on not. Many of them are ex rare but not many collectors are interested in them. They a more common in early coins as would be expected and seem to have disappeared completely by the 1940s . On the whole there inexpensive and new undiscovered types are still turning up. Its the thrill of the chase for me ??
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    Is this what you mean . And yes Depeche Mode . Seriously one difference which Pete picked up on is that on the common type the 1 almost touches the tooth on the rare ones there is a gap between the 1 and the tooth
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    I think the 9 and the 0 move over. I think Terry did one of his exerguial montages?? or was that a Depeche Mode album?
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    One i found recently NOT attributed BP1860JA in a decent grade. N over sideways N (Z)
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    More sad news. Just read that the world scrabble eating champion has passed a Y.
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    Sad news. The man who invented spaghetti cooked in curdled milk has pasta whey