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    I already have this date but just loved the toning....
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    This completed my Jubilee head date run, although 1 or 2 of the dates could do with an upgrade in the future.
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    This was courtesy of Paulus, the bag marks are no where near as visible in hand. I am more than happy with it.
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    I have started to work through the pile in the corner to get some pictures done. This is virtually black in hand, Rob checked it over for me and indicated it was likely lightly cleaned in the past. A unfortunate error on my part but it still is pleasing in hand.
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    I think we have the basis for a BNJ article developing on this subject.
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    Assuming there's a pellet after REX, which isn't clear in the image but has the space for one, then it would be Withers 30a. This is the only Withers 30 not ending A. Other details above are correct.
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    So not these particular varieties but Edward II Class 10-11 - someone who has the book can give you the exact variety.
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    If only the obverse on this crown had as much eye appeal as the reverse ...