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  1. Martinminerva

    More Pennies

    Even back in 1927 in the auction?? Or indeed even when it was done (presumably) in Victorian times? Not a lot of money has been made with it if Seaby sold it for £20 back in 1992 and I paid £25 in 2021 !! Must have taken many hours to produce, so a good deal below the minimum wage! Anyway, a nice curio...
  2. Martinminerva

    More Pennies

    Close up of date... A real bit of craftsmanship, but why?!
  3. Martinminerva

    More Pennies

    Hi, all. I bought it, indeed as a curiosity. The seller had a "best offer" button on the listing, so I put in an offer and he accepted! I can confirm it has indeed been modified from an 1859 specimen. There is no w.w. and under extreme magnification one can see where material has been moved from the centre of the 9 to plug the "gap" at about 8 o'clock in the original digit so it looks like a continuous curve. But, my word, it has been done skilfully! I bought it as I remembered seeing one before (presumably Gary's above) and wondered how many others might be out there. I will try to take close-ups of the date later and post. The seller also told me that he bought it from Seaby's when they closed down and said it had been in old man Seaby's (would that be Peter Seaby??) personal collection as a curio. Wonder if he bought it from the auction Bramah mentioned? No way of knowing that, I guess... So, not a unique rarity - never thought it was - but a brilliantly executed alteration. Wonder why anyone would take the time and effort to do it, though?
  4. Martinminerva

    Freeman 14 Penny

    And I think this would perhaps qualify as an alternative ONF penny - nearly even PFNNY too!! Certainly many letters are weak or deficient. A good diagnostic I suspect of this fourth die. Any other specimens out there?
  5. Martinminerva

    More Pennies

    You pipped me to that one, Jerry! I was just "buying it now" when it closed! Also, did anyone on here get this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Queen-Victoria-Penny-1861-/393052202355?hash=item5b83bca573%3Ag%3A0uYAAOSwzEpf03PO&nma=true&si=HsvO6lNGBPRb%2BAmvjfay%2BxU5S9A%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 It is an 1861 6+F, detector find but nice. It actually sold for a best offer of £100. I also put an offer in, but less and was beaten, but that's how I know what it actually went for. If you did get it, can you post better pics, perhaps?
  6. Martinminerva

    More Pennies

    Actually all these widest date 1889s I've seen (half a dozen or so) are obverse R (when the leaf area is clear, that is) with the extra leaf and NOT obverse S. I think it's an error in Michael Gouby's book, and they all should be BP 1889Ad. I have never seen a positively identifiable 1889Cd. Not a huge worry as they are properly rare anyway, but for the sake of total precision, I believe they are all this die pair in actual fact.
  7. Martinminerva

    More Pennies

    Nice one! These wide 1889s are rare in any condition, and this one is ace! Can you post a pic of the obverse too? Was it on eBay, or a dealer, or just a chance find? Happy Christmas to you all!
  8. Martinminerva

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Do it!! It'll be hilarious if you win it for less than you bid originally! Mind you, then he might not fulfil the transaction and lead to even more fun and games!😏
  9. Martinminerva

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Also very fishy is this eBay store address above. Typing that into the browser, all you get is this:
  10. Martinminerva

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Yup, all from Lockdales.......  No reply yet. Jerry Lockdales have an eBay presence... Their user name is rothesay21 and it might be worth contacting them through eBay to alert them to these fishy goings on. Easiest way to do that is via one of their current listings, such as this... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GB-Queen-Victoria-Bronze-Bun-Head-Farthing-1863/233799046307?hash=item366f8254a3:g:qGIAAOSwBj9fwOUI Definitely something odd going on to judge by his unpleasant replies. Good luck!
  11. Martinminerva

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    He has got a few negatives from people who say his items never arrived. I see also he is listing a few other coins at the moment, including a couple of 1856 pennies. Have these pictures been culled from Lockdales too, I wonder... ?
  12. Martinminerva

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Perhaps, Richard, you should report him/the item to eBay using the report this item link on the listing page? Taking pictures from another source is against eBay rules, not to mention false advertising!
  13. Martinminerva

    More Pennies

    And the winner is... Blakeyboy. People have seen sense after all!!
  14. Martinminerva

    More Pennies

    He has...  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Victoria-Penny-1863-Nice-Grade/333797053007?hash=item4db7dad24f:g:JucAAOSwT~lftTJx  Now at £30, with 18 bids, and just under three days to go... Who fancies a sweepstake on its final silly sale price? I will say £250. Anyone else fancy playing?!😜
  15. Martinminerva

    More Pennies

    I just compared it to my example, and I agree, it is a F192A. 100% agree too. As I've said before, they're still out there if one keeps eyes peeled!  What's she going to do with it? Put it in a main auction house sale?  What sort of money do they make nowadays?