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  1. Brilliant. Thank you for finding that. I had borrowed the 1887 and 1888 books and had to scan them myself for the last 10 years.
  2. 1887jubilee

    Shilling List

    Left out the 1887 YH and the JEB pattern with ONE SHILLING but you may not be including patterns
  3. 1887jubilee

    Halfcrown list

    1887 Jubilee three different obverses The two you mention and 20 pearls to the brooch instead of the usual 16 this is paired with different reverses. three different reverses. Broken G (just a die flaw but scarce) 7 to a space 7 to a bead
  4. 1887jubilee

    Sotheby Thorburn 1918

    Well done Rob. The same coin is illustrated in Thorburn's "The Coinage of Great Britain" Third edition plate VIII ref 104 but the quality is quite poor.
  5. If it is "extremely special" say over £25,000-£50,000 Japan or America might do better.
  6. Has anyone got an authenticated 'Beirut' copy for sale please.
  7. Steep prices indeed but you can't argue with the quality. There is a whole world of investors rather collectors out there. The Americans at Heritage and the Japanese seem to be driving tremendous prices. Just sit back and increase your insurance
  8. Grief; if they are duff my whole collection is probably suspect. On the other hand the 1887 £5 is one of the most forged coins.
  9. Can I contact you to discus? I have 8 different 1887 reverses.
  10. The main point with the obverse is the brooch has 20 pearls not 16 as is normal. So in fact a totally different obverse. Some of these were issued in the 1887 silver only sets. I have not seen a currency piece with 7 to a bead
  11. Yes you are onto something here. I have examined my extensive 1887 collection of 6d. There are as you say different obverses but not limited to the two you show. Even the reverses are not limited to the A-E in Davies. there being at least four of 1887 alone. For comparison I would like to see your obv. 2 if it is 1887. I only have one.
  12. The 1887 Halfcrown with 7 to a bead is a significant rarity. I have sent the information to a friend in Australia who has been looking for one for some time. The double florin obv.1 rev. B is well known but represents only about 5% of 1887 double florins. If you have anything else 1887 please contact me. PS good to see all the familiar names on the forum.
  13. Another test is to measure the distance from the top of the R in REG to the top of the T in VICTORIA. This is done with vernier callipers (for more reliable results take an average of 10 readings). Most of the proofs measure 33.6mm Other coins vary a good deal up to 34.6mm. This was a test introduced to me by Peter Davies of British Silver Coins. And no it is not a proof though the tone is rather pleasing on the obv.
  14. I have never seen the actual catalogue or the archive. Can you give me a link please?