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James 1st half crown

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Good afternoon,  I would like some help on this half crown I purchased.  I know it has obverse scratches but I still like it so no insults please.  I am trying to identify it according to the newest Spink and believe it to be the second coinage it cannot be 2667 because it has no plume .  It has QVAE DEVSand the ground line .  I did wonder if the mintmark was a scallop rather than the thistle ..... or perhaps its 2666 but the mint mark is wrong 

I only dabble in a few hammered so I would be grateful for your help it was a Bonfire night  present to myself I realise it is a touch piece and likely there has been solder removed, I now see that now I have taken a closer look.  It was not clear because the strike has rotated 80 degrees to the left.  Perhaps I will send it back 

CM221101-154155001 (394x400).jpg

CM221101-154210002 (400x393).jpg

CM221101-154449003 (400x390).jpg

CM221101-161234005 (273x400).jpg

CM221101-161318007 (199x400).jpg

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OK I think I might understand what has happened here it is not a half crown it is a 30 shillings

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11 hours ago, kildonan said:

Hi - this is a Scottish Thirty Shilling piece, not an English halfcrown.  The mintmark is thistle (as you suspected). 


yes thank you that is very helpful I had done a little research myself and can see now what it is , a great help thank you so much 

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