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Help ID Scottish coin

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Hi all,

Any help for this coin would be very appreciated, unfortunately I don't own any book on the subject. Thanks :)

The material seems to be silver

Weight: 1.54g 

Diameter: 20 mm



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Eighth coinage, 1603 quarter merk. Spink 5499. I don't know anything about them, but the weight is about right for a slightly clipped  coin (a full weight merk is 104.75 grains) and the metal is 916 silver. The price in the last Spink book is 125 fine and 425 VF.

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Nothing like as scarce as a £500 price ticket would suggest! A quick search on Ebay's completed listings finds two of similar period sold for £50 and £60.

EG: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-James-VI-quarter-thistle-merk-Scottish-hammered-Coin-1601-/353341519725?hash=item5244cbb76d%3Ag%3AJTkAAOSw-6xfQUWF&nma=true&si=sdsWcVmnWAUu62OHx12jAVvAjjE%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557

and while the condition of yours may be slightly better, not enough for a 10x increase. - in my view.


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Thank you Paddy 

I guess you're right, I thought that price could be high too ... Even if it seems that the coins was sold (but they are a great dealer).

In any case the date 1603 seems to be quite hard to find compared to the 1601 and 1602. I tried to see on the traditional online archives like acsearch or sixbid's archive and I found just an other 1603 quarter merk sold by DNW with two 1/8 merk 1062 in 2017. 

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