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Iphone coin photography

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I am interested to know if anyone has had success at great coin photography using an Iphone. I believe its possible and i'm looking to create a setup that works,that is easily copied by others and is not cost prohibitive.

I am asking as this may already have been accomplished by someone on the site, in which case i will evaluate their system and if possible make improvements.

My setup will consist of a copystand, appropriate lighting (could be ring lighting or led lights) a suitable platform to place the coin and of course an iphone.

Looking forward to your responses. 

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If anyone ever purchased a Modahaus steady stand and wishes to sell it im interested. i think the company may have gone bust. I cant find any available on Amazon ebay etc.

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Yes, the more important thing is the lighting, and the stand, than the precise camera - having said that, digital zoom isn't brilliant so you need to have your phone sufficiently near to the coin.

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