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    Silver Proof Kew gardens 50p

    Buy another one No seriously I agree with PWA 1967 best left alone.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Thanks they will eventually go off to be graded and encased. My other 1888 coins are being graded at the moment, should not be long before I get them back. Another completed denomination year group completed. Now what to go onto next ??. Whether to stick with Victorian or go onto Edward VII, George V, or George VI or maybe go back further to William IV or George IV decisions decisions

    My Latest Acquisition

    Well at last I have completed the 1888 set with the Maundy Coins below is the picture will put up some more when I get the coins sometime next week.

    "My Cabinet" issue on DNW website

    I have been on DNW today and save some Items I am interested in, in the cabinet but know issues for me.
  5. I am no expert but perhaps you could contact one of the coin auction to get them valued. That way you would at least know if they were worth any more than bullion value. A few suggestions. London Coins , A. H. Baldwin & Sons , Dix Noonan Webb , Warwick & Warwick Ltd
  6. Interesting topic I am interested to know as well as I collect silver 3d's myself.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Thanks guys it really helps to get others opinions on grades. It was sold to me as UNC on eBay bought for £90 I agree with your grades and would put it at GEF/AUNC below pictures from eBay as a comparison. although the Obv looks a bit worse than the Rev, in the pictures in hand with the naked eye it really looks ok. We will see once I send them off to be graded what they all come back as.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Haven't posted for a while as have limited fund of late. I have added the last coin in the jigsaw of my 1888 Jack the Ripper set a 1888 Florin. I now have all denominations except perhaps the Maundy Set which I will still look for, but not worried if I don't get one as am just pleased with the set I now own. Below is pictures of the Florin. Would appreciate your opinions on this with perhaps your vies on the grade again please.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Thanks I do try and buy the best I can afford now. And am getting more picky on the coins I choose. The advice I have been given on the forum is starting to pay off.

    This Mornings hammy

    Funny that great minds think alike. I have just bought the Garrett AT Pro and a Garrett Pro Pointer as well. Also joining my local club. All I need now is to find a permission to detect on that's going to be the hard part I think.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Thanks Mike pretty much as I had graded them. Although I had graded the 1901 Farthing at EF.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Thanks @Colin G. much appreciated did not realise they are not that common so you learn something everyday
  13. You could try the Royal Mint or here http://www.westminstercollection.com/p-624N/2017-UK-Jane-Austen-CERTIFIED-BU-2-Pound.aspx failing that perhaps as your banks if they have any. Hope that helps. Maybe others on here may have other sources you could try.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Thanks for your grading it is a help the 1887 farthing was sold to me with a AUNC description the rest are as I expected. So my grading is getting better. Hi Colin thanks for your input much appreciated. With the 1887 Farthing did you mean they are harder to find in good condition.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Thanks for the information I do have Rotographic grading book and Chris Perkins' catalogue for prices. I am finding grading a bit of a challenge so that's why I asked for others opinions as to what grade they would give each of the coins above. Its so I can compare with the grades I have given them. That way I can see if I am getting it right or not.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Anyone can give me their opinions on the coins I have listed above would be appreciated. As I just want to check how I am doing with grades and prices please.

    Opinions on eBay

    I quite agree with Ian and from experience. I will admit i jumped in feet first on eBay when I first started and did make many mistakes and a couple pricey ones as well. I still dip my feet in on a weekly basis and have had a few good buys to date. But as everyone says there is a lot of rubbish to wade through but I live in hope to find that bargain now and again. So I would say by all means troll through the listings, if you have the time. But take care choosing what you want to bid on, check out the seller, and lastly have fun with you collecting.

    LCA June

    Bid on two lots and got one of them. First time i have bid with them so pleased with the results

    1902 Edward VII halfcrown. Proof?

    I have no Idea. I am sure one of the experts will come along soon. Looks to me as a very nice coin

    Hey all

    Hi Duncan welcome to the forum. I am fairly new on here myself and found that everyone is very helpful.
  21. There are a couple of coins coming up in my local Auction House that I am interested in. I am wondering if these are worth going for they are estimated at £20-40 what do you think on condition and value please. I am not desperate for then but just may have a go if any of you think it may be worth it.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Hi Guys just added a few more coins to the collection nothing that special, but would like your opinions on grading and value if you can on the coins below please. Also I noticed that the 1855 Halfpenny the 5s are at an angle should they be like this or do I have something special. 1855 Halfpenny 1887 Farthing 1878 Farthing 1901 Farthing 1929 Sixpence

    Auction Coin Values Help Needed

    Spot on with the 1806 thats what I sold it for as for the 1797 I have just sold this on eBay for £58 so did all right I think. Bought them in a local auction not really what I collect so decided to try and get a small profit towards something else.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Thank guys for all your input on the coin. Not the best but will do for now. Will have to look out for something better to replace it.

    My Latest Acquisition

    My latest for the Jack the Ripper set Double Florin not in the best condition I would grade at Good/Fine what are your thoughts please.