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    My Latest Acquisition

    Thanks for your grading it is a help the 1887 farthing was sold to me with a AUNC description the rest are as I expected. So my grading is getting better. Hi Colin thanks for your input much appreciated. With the 1887 Farthing did you mean they are harder to find in good condition.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Thanks for the information I do have Rotographic grading book and Chris Perkins' catalogue for prices. I am finding grading a bit of a challenge so that's why I asked for others opinions as to what grade they would give each of the coins above. Its so I can compare with the grades I have given them. That way I can see if I am getting it right or not.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Anyone can give me their opinions on the coins I have listed above would be appreciated. As I just want to check how I am doing with grades and prices please.

    Opinions on eBay

    I quite agree with Ian and from experience. I will admit i jumped in feet first on eBay when I first started and did make many mistakes and a couple pricey ones as well. I still dip my feet in on a weekly basis and have had a few good buys to date. But as everyone says there is a lot of rubbish to wade through but I live in hope to find that bargain now and again. So I would say by all means troll through the listings, if you have the time. But take care choosing what you want to bid on, check out the seller, and lastly have fun with you collecting.

    LCA June

    Bid on two lots and got one of them. First time i have bid with them so pleased with the results

    1902 Edward VII halfcrown. Proof?

    I have no Idea. I am sure one of the experts will come along soon. Looks to me as a very nice coin

    Hey all

    Hi Duncan welcome to the forum. I am fairly new on here myself and found that everyone is very helpful.
  8. There are a couple of coins coming up in my local Auction House that I am interested in. I am wondering if these are worth going for they are estimated at £20-40 what do you think on condition and value please. I am not desperate for then but just may have a go if any of you think it may be worth it.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Hi Guys just added a few more coins to the collection nothing that special, but would like your opinions on grading and value if you can on the coins below please. Also I noticed that the 1855 Halfpenny the 5s are at an angle should they be like this or do I have something special. 1855 Halfpenny 1887 Farthing 1878 Farthing 1901 Farthing 1929 Sixpence

    Auction Coin Values Help Needed

    Spot on with the 1806 thats what I sold it for as for the 1797 I have just sold this on eBay for £58 so did all right I think. Bought them in a local auction not really what I collect so decided to try and get a small profit towards something else.
  11. Thanks Peter its nice I am getting things right now. Well most of the time anyway.
  12. Thanks Paul I was leaning towards VF but will take your opinion of GVF
  13. My latest coin for the collection George III 1787 Sixpence the earliest coin I have. Any help with grading would be appreciated

    My Latest Acquisition

    Thank guys for all your input on the coin. Not the best but will do for now. Will have to look out for something better to replace it.

    My Latest Acquisition

    My latest for the Jack the Ripper set Double Florin not in the best condition I would grade at Good/Fine what are your thoughts please.
  16. Thanks Jaggy it was sold as virtually uncirculated. It does look a lot better in hand than in my pictures. I'm just wondering what value you would put on it as a comparison to what I actually paid if that's possible. I know you collect sixpences so a bit of an expert as far as I'm concerned. So any evaluation on price would be good.
  17. Here are a couple of of sixpences added to the collection this week. Interested in your opinions on the 1910 sixpence please as I am not sure what grade this would be.

    What would you grade this as?

    Clearly Invisible

    Auction Coin Values Help Needed

    Hi Guys sorry have not replied sooner. Thank you so much for all your advice. I did manage to win the coins in the auction for a total of £48 for the two so pleased with that. Below some pictures of the purchased coins. Please let me know what you think and any possible values as a guide for me please.

    Auction Coin Values Help Needed

    According to the auction catalog they are A 1797 cartwheel penny and an 1806 2d coin if that is any help. I don't normally look at these as a rule so know nothing of values etc. You are right only interested in the Cartwheel penny really as that is the best condition. Just thought I may get a bargain assuming that the price stays withing that range of estimate. That's why I was asking about values.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Thanks Pete I'm pleased with it. But I will be the same with Penny's haven't got a clue when it comes to them

    My Latest Acquisition

    My latest addition to the 1888 set of coins the Crown. What do you think ? Can you give your thoughts on grade please. I got this at what I think was a good price off eBay so really pleased it looks far better in hand than my photo's. Really need some tips from @Paulus on how to do it. I use a macro lens and two daylight lamps but just cannot get it right.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Hi Pete again as I have said before I have some of my coins slabbed because that how I like to display them. I only as yet have slab complete sets a 1951 set as this is the year I was born and my 1899 set the date my Grandmother was born. So there you have it, I choose sets that mean something personal too me. The 1888 set is not personal but is a date from History that appeals too me. Oh and by the way its 1888 not 1899 unless you meant the 1899 Farthing previously mentioned in another thread.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Hi Jerry thanks for the comment and pointing out about the second 8 I have now done that. I just used a slall amount of acetone and a Q Tip and just rubbed it gently it worked well. Well pleased with the results.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Well here are the results of a little TLC on the 1888 Halfpenny below.