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  1. Close up of the 6/2.
  2. Danz

    1989 Proof coin set 2x £2

    It was a good price and very happy. Thanks again.Dan
  3. Danz

    1989 Proof coin set 2x £2

    Came through in the post ok today. Many thanks.
  4. Danz

    1989 Proof coin set 2x £2

    Yes please.
  5. Danz

    I hope my Kew 50p is not fake

    Made me chuckle.
  6. Danz

    I hope my Kew 50p is not fake

    Dave don't give up. I have been stung more than once and look at it as part of the learning curve.
  7. Danz

    The Last Round Pound United Kingdom £1 2016

    Just for collectors ,none for circulation.
  8. Think there were some mix ups. "Apologies!!! For some reason we had you down for that one and then by pure coincidence the person who has actually won it has just phoned!! I have revised the totals" I got lots 39, 65,92.
  9. Just got my invoice with an extra lot i didn't bid on. Lot 21 ,£1200!!!!!!
  10. Cheers 1949TP but £100 was the max i could go for as i have (fingers crossed) got 3 others.
  11. Going to wait until i know for sure Nordle. Don't want to jinx myself.
  12. Danz

    The Last Round Pound United Kingdom £1 2016

    Unlimited. Buy so they have one but not as investment. Dan