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  1. Obviously not very photogenic. A shame that Meeshu's 'investment' seems to be a disaster.
  2. I am in complete agreement with you Peckris. There is little to distinguish between them and the currency issue in Unc I paid £5 for last year. Strike a little better perhaps. CCC have had that coin on offer for several months now.
  3. An extremely erudite and entirely plausible explanation Rob.
  4. It has collapsed under the weight of all the dross for sale on there.
  5. ??????????? You're out of luck I'm afraid, just watched three genuine (according to the photo's in mirror etc) finish on ebay. Average winning bid?.................................................................. £55!
  6. Dg43

    1932 Penny

    If you check out his other coins they are top-whack and mostly over-graded. Eg: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1887-VICTORIA-SILVER...id=p3911.c0.m14 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1849-VICTORIA-SILVER...id=p3911.c0.m14
  7. Dg43

    CCGB 2007 anomaly

    I do not have CCGB 2009, but the same prices are given in CCGB 2008. Spink 2009 lists all three as: F - No price given; VF £1; EF £15; UNC (Full lustre)£50. Coin Yearbook (2008) also prices all three as: F £1; VF £4; EF £20; UNC £40. David
  8. Dg43

    1932 Penny

    Derek Colin Cooke have a nice Unc 1918kn at the moment, also three (!) 'Bu' 1912h. The website has been re-vamped and the pictures are much better. Glad to hear that you are an 'ordinary' collector with Vf's and Gvf's - like me!!! Btw, I bought your book - excellent. David
  9. Dg43

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    He is certainly persistent, it has been listed and relisted for several months. Originally it was up for £15,000.00 - or best offer - unbelievably he had an offer!
  10. I watched 11 listings for genuine undated 20p's in 'My ebay' that finished between 30th June and 5th July; the average of the winning bids was £281. I did the same for 13 listings finishing today, the average of the winning bids was £162. Two listings that finished at £1550 and £4700(?!) earlier in the week were relisted, the first selling for £180, the second for £215. Oh dear! its falling apart.
  11. I wonder if the current prices realised, (most seem to be around the £250 mark on ebay) can be sustained in the future, after all it is a matter of demand. But I suspect that when the interest dies down they will settle down to about £50. The whole business may be tacky, but it is certainly entertaining.
  12. Congrats Anna, you got a great price but not extortionate. So you can hold your head up! By the way, did you notice that your auction had 1,100 views - in 24 hours!!!! There is one, that is ending in 3 days, on a five day listing, that has already had 27,000 views!! Utter madness. There are now more than 2,000 results when you search for 'undated 20p', many just scams of one sort or another. The most expensive is £15,000........or best offer! David
  13. Good luck, tell us how much you get! Just a thought, you do have one of the new type 20p's with neither a date on the obverse (Queen's head side) or reverse (shield side)? I.e no date at all? Only some people selling on ebay seem to have got hold of the wrong end of the stick. The old 20p has no date on the obverse but it is dated on the reverse. These are worth .....20p. David
  14. Anna, Rob's advice is sound, this is nothing but midsummer madness, however if you are going to auction it on ebay it might be a good idea to go for a quick 3 day auction, rather than a ten day one, in case this whole thing blows up! David
  15. This is a recurring theme on the forum. Sadly it is inadvisable to purchase anything of a collectable nature from China, although there must of course be reputable and genuine Chinese dealers, but - how do you tell the difference? Also, many people do buy fakes from China, either knowingly or unknowingly and sell them on from addresses in this country to which no suspicion is attached. This link, whilst more specific to the faking of US coins, shows the scale of the problem. http://coins.about.com/od/worldcoins/ig/Ch...ing/index_g.htm