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  1. very interesting indeed i am more of a silver collector personally but have decided to have a go at pennies starting with bun heads first and il see how i feel later on back to the 1893 penny itself though i have a numerous amount of them and realise theres the elusive 3/2 so i decided to take a photo of the dates and compare have attached a different looking one. what do you think? (this one is a penny this time )
  2. wish id never started this penny mlarky i have an 1860 i have managed I.D,d as L.C.W (can only see the W now) below shield but my obverse seems different from an example recently sold on an internet auction site as you can see by the photo of the bust there is a decent sized gap between the bust and the teeth the example i have seen basically smothers some of the teeth any explanation or obverse id would be outstanding
  3. i have an 1877 penny with what i would say is off 45 degree counter clockwise, is this a usual error for the bun head type coins?
  4. what are we looking at, Chris? Weak lower serifs? ok.... its harder to see now ive uploaded it here but im sure i can see a 6 lurking behind the 7
  5. here is another from my collection this is one of 3 1870 pennies i have probably being a bit paranoid tell me what you think before i put my thoughts on i
  6. late night, the photos of a half penny
  7. sorry ignore me on this one (operator error)
  8. good day to all have this penny with what seems to be an incomplete "1" in the date, i have been unable to find another example apart from a half penny dated the same year with pretty much exactly the same break it on the bay at the moment can post link if im allowed probably nothing to get exited about but thought i would ask as im new to pennies
  9. Is the die axis inverted as normal for coins of this era? I ask because we can deduce the die was made with a square spiggot from the William III transposed errors, one of which has the date at 9 o'clock, but in that case the only arms in the correct position are the French ones.
  10. Just an error Chris, a scarce error though. ahh an error, just looking, i made an error as well George I not II also the ssc is actually css No, that IS SSC - the initials stand for South Sea Company. sorry Peckris, what i meant is that the normal coin starts on the first quarter on SS or South Sea. The second quarter display,s a letter C for Company if you were to read my example from the date as a normal example, it,s then read C, then SS
  11. well... il say it was less than £100 wasnt described as a french arms though and the obverse does have some really old scratches to the bust only but i suppose it is the reverse that is more important
  12. Yeah, I never figured out why that is. The initials are after all of the South Seas Company, whose (Indonesian) silver was used to make the coins. But C SS it reads ... Nice find! thanks its a very interesting piece, me thinks that the inside of the coin was inscribed correct including what should be ss c but the outer lettering was 90 degrees off the mark
  13. Just an error Chris, a scarce error though. ahh an error, just looking, i made an error as well George I not II also the ssc is actually css
  14. Morning all i havnt been here for a good while but im back!!!! i have aquired a George II 1723 shilling with the french arms at the date, instead of the Engish arms does anyone know the reason why this was done as i cannot find any information regarding this thanks all