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£400 for a Penny ?

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About £400 for a Penny ?

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    Prone to emotional outbursts, especially later in the evening...

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    Bronze Pennies 1860-1936
    I'm interested in all coins, but I try to stick to Pennies. Also building quite a numismatic library, I might have more books than coins....

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  1. £400 for a Penny ?

    Collection of Numismatic Books

    I did have a list, but I lost it when my PC crashed, I'll be honest, I've been putting off making another because it's a tedious task, not so much because of the nature of it, but because of where the books are stored. I do however need to do it, yes, so will crack on with it. Based Bromley, by the way. Thanks. ps Much Spam on here this morning ?
  2. £400 for a Penny ?

    Collection of Numismatic Books

    Thing is Clive, Rob etc I'd prefer to shift the whole lot in one go rather than allow 'cherry picking' as that way I'll quickly wind up with a pile of books that nobody wants. I've already allowed my Dalton & Hamer and my Gouby to leave the building as it is... I might try the ebay route as suggested, not comfortable with using Chris' forum to advertise my wares, so to speak, so won't publish a list, doesn't seem right. Thanks for contributions.
  3. Morning all, I return ! I'm looking to offload a medium sized collection of coin collecting books that I have accumulated ovcer the past 10 years. What would be the best way of obtaining a good (or fair) price for them ? All contributions welcome.....
  4. Most I spent was £1,050 on a Charles 1 Unite. I couldn't really justify doing it, but I didn't half enjoy hasving it for a couple of years before moving it on. At the end of the day, it's not a pissing contest, a better question perhaps would be - 'what's the coin you've most enjoyed owning and why ?' That then is individual to the owner and everyone can play.
  5. £400 for a Penny ?

    London Coin Fair

    No, if you've neve been to a coin fair (I think you said that?) you should definitely have a go Dave. Just remember it's not at all typical - a little bit like your first football match being the FA cup final......
  6. £400 for a Penny ?

    need help on a £2 coin plz

    Don't want to instigate an existentialist free for all, but if one is half dead, then one is half alive, surely? Depends which way you swing. I don't really have any strong feelings on the matter, my glass is always full - right up to the top. Belch.
  7. Well, I'm not sure you'd be right there. I'm far more interested in Charles I, than anything else, I just have to compromise. Picked this up a while ago, not really any good and moved it on, but.....
  8. £400 for a Penny ?

    Royal Mint Commemorative tat

    No, you've lost me. +1
  9. £400 for a Penny ?


    Well, 1920 was the year Britsh East Africa ceased to be a protectorate and became Kenya, so it would make sense that this coin survives, i.e wasn't in circulation long/never was. I've got a few somwhere I think, I'll have a rummage. Good for you Hello, nice to see a man growing in stature, we'll have you misbehaving in no time....
  10. That's definitely the case IMO, some of the portraiture is far superior. And lets not get onto roads....
  11. £400 for a Penny ?

    London Coin Fair

    We like that too - it reduces the number of unintelligible dialects one has to decifer from 2,139 to 2,138. Oh, and I'm not 100% but I believe whippets now attract a surcharge on the congestion tariff ( there have been a few unfortunate incidents with Northerners getting lost for days and dogs being parboiled in their cars) so you'll need to consider that before setting sail. You can bring your pigeons though, plenty here already.
  12. £400 for a Penny ?

    London Coin Fair

    I went once a few years ago. Not knowing what to expect, I just pitched up on the first morning. Seems the first morning is closed to the public, it's dealers only, but for some reason they took pity on me and let me in. It was quite civilsed until the bell went for the public to be let in, then it was a bear pit. Point being I suppose, that any bargain will probably be snapped up intra dealers, but it's not a bad day out if you perhaps combine it with a visit to the British Museum's RBS coin gallery and take in a couple of carefully poured pints of Armada. As for the cash, you will see frighteningly large wads being deployed - all depends how comfortable you are walking around with it. No-one can tell you've got it, but it can play on the mind....
  13. How much ? Picked mine up for less than £15 on one of my raids on the unsuspecting booksellers of the South East....
  14. £400 for a Penny ?


    If you've got a spare tenner, send it off to CGS and get it slabbed as genuine.
  15. £400 for a Penny ?

    Whats the better option

    How would a Greek bankruptcy affect them, being next door neighbours etc, etc ? Did you really call that nasty man an arsewipe ?