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  1. BottleCapDave

    Recent purchase story.

    Funny that R.Ingram is on my naughty list, one of my first ever coin orders. But no, this was another dealer. I try not to name and shame unless it has already been mentioned. But should I be naming and shaming, general consensus? In my head BUNC with nothing else noted should mean as it is. I agree. I think I will stick to pictured listings with clear images from now on. Even then I have to watch out for duplicate images and generic stock photos. Disappointment hit me hard this week.
  2. BottleCapDave

    Recent purchase story.

    Is it normal to expect an underpriced coin with no pictures to have major detractors even though described as BUNC, nothing else noted? Recently bought a 1935 'rocking horse' crown described as BUNC from a dealer regularly advertised in Coin News magazine. Basic website coinlist, no pictures, a column in the listings for notes. Did not have Spink catalogue on me during work lunch break... Received coin but noticeable hairlines across both obv. and rev. and multidirectional hairlines on some of the fields. Clearly a cleaned coin. I bought it for £24 excl. postage. Spink says £40 in BU. Is this normal practice to expect the buyer to know a coins worth before hand and to expect major detractors such as these if underpriced? Surely can't be described as BUNC if it has been cleaned. Just rather disappointed after the usual long January. I don't enjoy purchasing twice having small monthly budget for my collection.
  3. BottleCapDave

    NEW 2023

    So far the 50p has been confirmed for circulation. There have been hints of the 20p as well.
  4. BottleCapDave

    Literature recommendations

    Correct. That was not there last time I checked. Sept 2024 it is. Maybe...
  5. BottleCapDave

    Halfcrown list

    https://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/english-silver-coinage-original-30th-anniversary-revised-platinum-edition-newly-illustrated-througho/p-alan-rayner/hardback/9781912667765.html Eh? First I have heard of this revision/update. It's not one of the Maurice Bull revisions and is not listed on spinkbooks.com
  6. BottleCapDave

    Literature recommendations

    Does anyone here know anything about this relatively new listing for English Silver Coinage 30th Anniversary edition by P Alan Rayner? Published 15/03/2023. According to the description, I believe it is a update of the 5th revision with variety additions using the original Seaby numbering system and updated photos? This is not listed on the spinkbooks.com website which seems weird to me as it is a Spink published book. I guess it is time to send an email. https://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/english-silver-coinage-original-30th-anniversary-revised-platinum-edition-newly-illustrated-througho/p-alan-rayner/hardback/9781912667765.html https://www.foyles.co.uk/book/english-silver-coinage-original/p-alan-rayner/9781912667765 Any information about this will be gladly received, TIA.
  7. BottleCapDave

    Halfcrown list

    I do agree with your view there, Rob, and so I am slowly gathering different authors. Will be looking at any revisions of Davies and Freeman. Perhaps I might obtain Gouby but to be honest, right now, I have little interest in collecting accidental die variations like dots and gradual die flaws for example. Not just yet anyway. The rabbit hole goes rather deep and I am quite comfy nearer entrance for now thank you very much. 😄.
  8. BottleCapDave

    Halfcrown list

    Finding it rather easy to get lost being relatively new at this but once pointed out I know exactly where I am again. I already have a copy of ESC - Bull 7th edition, had forgotten about the Rayner revisions, and yes I have found that you are correct. I bought this before buying Davies and was disappointed with the lack of 19th-20th century varieties. Davies, Groom, and Freeman have found a new home on my bedside cabinet.
  9. BottleCapDave

    Halfcrown list

    I have spent some time creating major variety lists per reign using Google sheets. Nothing sophisticated, just reference numbers, dies id's and their descriptions etc. I will say Groom has been helpful with higher quality images and more detailed descriptions of Davies' varieties. As a newbie I have yet to pick up Rayner's book, does he include any major die varieties not listed in Davies?