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  1. Platinumskies1

    1847 gothic crowns

    Hi guys and gals I’m interested in buying any 1847 gothic crowns so if you have any for sale let me know and I’ll DM you thanks
  2. Platinumskies1

    1737 george ii shilling

  3. Platinumskies1

    1737 george ii shilling

  4. Platinumskies1

    1737 george ii shilling

    George ii shilling plumes and roses very nice grade £245 £5 p&p please pay via PayPal F&F
  5. Hi all would any of you be interested in consigning high value coins for the next coin cabinet auction I know the guy and he’s just getting started but he has sold some great stuff if you guys are interested PM me I’m also going to put some stuff in the auction
  6. Platinumskies1

    1847 gothic crown

    My friend viewed them at corbitts he said they had problems
  7. Platinumskies1

    1847 gothic crown

    Lol not that type
  8. Platinumskies1

    1847 gothic crown

    I know but they are crazy prices
  9. Platinumskies1

    1847 gothic crown

    Haha I do
  10. Platinumskies1

    1847 gothic crown

    Hi I’m after a gothic crown in good grade let me know if anyone has one available I’m after as many as I can get
  11. Platinumskies1

    Cameo or not ? Be wary !

    What do you think of this rob it seems like pcgs have no idea what a cameo is
  12. Platinumskies1

    Milled coins for sale

    This is the right link https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Victoria-1839-shilling-no-WW-graded-MS62-/173236922186
  13. Hi guys I have some interesting coins for sale on eBay please check them out I have a 1839 shilling a 1796 half guinea and a 1911 proof shilling as well as others https://m.ebay.co.uk/myebay?epp=24&actionName=SELLING_ACTIVE&pgn=1
  14. Platinumskies1

    1839 no ww Victoria shilling MS62

  15. Platinumskies1

    1839 no ww Victoria shilling MS62

    How do I upload a pic