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  1. markflorida


    Looks like the grader was half a sleep. Obviously cleaned.
  2. markflorida

    NGC London - Are they still operational??

    PCGS Paris are open and have a fast turn around.
  3. markflorida

    CGS v LCGS

    Sorry to reopen this old topic up. But someone asked about getting coins graded by PCGS. Back in 2016 the only offering was London Coins. They did and still do submit coins for you, but charge a hefty 80% on top of the fee. A man is doing it on Facebook with NGC, only a few pounds fee over the grading fee but some coins have taken 5 months to come back I joined PCGS Europe for £69, I just had 49 coins graded, with insurance and postage to France and back it worked out to be £24.60 a coin. Total turn around was 31 days. Ok I never got the grades I wanted on some, (Who does) but the experience was good and went without a hitch. I will use them in future to grade my coins.
  4. The Good news about the Kew 2009 50p is that is getting publicity and attracting more collectors. That in its self is good news for us. Once people start collecting 50p coins they often go onto different coins, including older pre-decimal coins and even Sovereigns. A few lucky people found a Kew in change so it has an added excitement for them and encourages others. The A-Z 10p did the same. The bad news is the copy or fake Kew 50p's on eBay. Some sellers are at least calling them copies or slot fillers for those who don't have a £100 budget for a circulated 2009. But the UNC 2009's are now fetching £200 + and the 2009 Unc coin set are selling for around £230 now, because they include the 2009 Royal Coat of Arms 50p as well.
  5. markflorida

    2009 Blue Peter Olympic 50p

    Agree this one is often missed. Its a good coin to collect.
  6. I agree with Paddy, not as desirable as the 50p's but with such low mintage numbers, I think I might buy a couple of UNC sets for myself. They seem to be selling for around £45. I thought they would be in the million mintage figures.
  7. Thanks Paddy that is a great help.
  8. I know they are modern coins, but I was asked by a customer and I cannot find them. Does anyone know the mintage figures of the 2018 A-Z 10p's? He was mostly interested in the business strikes, but if you have a source for the Silver Proofs as well that would help. Thank you. 😊
  9. markflorida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    eBay told me they can't take these down. As the lister says they are just plated. Fake slabs, even in the description. So I contacted PCHS as they have the VERO rights. The problem is some Roughian Rascal will buy them and try and sell them as genuine. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SILVER-PLATED-COPPER-BELLE-STATUE-PCGS-MS64-OLD-COLLECTION/401637050205?hash=item5d836f075d:g:6RcAAOSwBfhb7yKI:rk:1:pf:1 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-SILVER-PLATED-COPPER-EAGLE-BELLE-STATUE-PCGS-AU58/401637046115?hash=item5d836ef763:g:vQ0AAOSwZtRb7yFZ:rk:2:pf:1
  10. markflorida

    could be yours

    Acid is used for the colour. £550! 😮 Great marketing, appealing to the British peoples patriotism. In 15 years time it will be worth 5 oz of silver. I often come across Westminster collection, Westminster Mint, Franklin Mint and Uncle Tom Cobley and all Mint products, from people who wish to sell their fathers or grand fathers collection. They paid an excessive amount for this collective pile of junk. It seems anything that comes with a Shinny Fake Mahogany Box, Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Mintage are the key words needed to reel people in. Can you imagine how many decent rare coins that would actually increase in value with £550? They could get a Full, Half and quarter Sovereign and still have change for fish & chips.
  11. markflorida

    Strike your coin from the Royal Mint Experience

    There is a few ways to do it. I'm an authorised dealer but currently do not take other peoples coins I have enough of my own to work with. 1. You can join with a membership. 2. You can go via Heritage auctions (ha.com) They are in London and accept submissions, contact them on their own site. 3. Another UK dealer runs a group on Facebook, he takes submissions for you. Below is the link. I will inform him of this page. I hope this helps. Mark.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1228646177276223/?multi_permalinks=1251345921672915%2C1251055145035326%2C1251027138371460&notif_id=1539101138614460&notif_t=group_activity
  12. markflorida

    Strike your coin from the Royal Mint Experience

    The NGC office is open now and has been for two weeks.
  13. markflorida

    Strike your coin from the Royal Mint Experience

    They are intended for circulation. They are business strikes, not proof strikes. Over the last few years the Royal Mints marketing department has come up with all sorts of fancy names. There was only Business strikes or Proofs. The proofs were intended for the monarchs to give to other monarchs and rulers as gifts. Caesar started gifting coins. Hence; The Hobby of Kings. Later proofs became available for collectors and mints around the globe have made business strikes and proofs. More recently the Royal Mint on its Sovereigns has started , Proof, Brilliant Uncirculated and Bullion. = Three strikes. However in the real world, the so-called Brilliant Uncirculated are just expensive bullion coins, I have had some graded they come back MS60 - MS70. If you get a bullion coins graded they come back the same grades and are worth the same. That said the BU strike is a nice looking coin. A DPL (Deep Proof Like) is a standard business or bullion strike that is PL (Proof Like) but extremely for want of a better word, Shinny. Thus DPL. The Penny you have is beautiful and if graded would probably come back DPL, Its almost cameo in appearance. Send it into NGC or PCGS. DPL coins fetch more money and are more sort after than ordinary MS coins. Most of my buyers constantly pay more for the DPL grade.
  14. markflorida

    Strike your coin from the Royal Mint Experience

    Don't be horrified. Welcome it 😗 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2009-Kew-Gardens-50p-250th-Anniversary-Fifty-Pence-MS69-DPL-Great-Britain-UK-BU/312254460851?hash=item48b3d0f3b3:g:m34AAOSwfr1btKsg
  15. markflorida

    Piedfort £1

    It's not the circulation numbers that make them valuable every time. (Sometime sit does). Thousands of people collect 50p coins, they find them in the change and they have been circulated. Low mintage proof strikes have not been in cash registers and parking meters, they are too fancy and expensive for many to start collecting. As they get addicted like we did then they pay £100 for a 2009 Kew 50p. A 1916 D US Dime will fetch over $500 for a G4 one. Yet they minted 264,000. An 1890 US quarter has a strike of just 80,000 yet only worth about $25 for a G4 coin. Mostly because people collect Dimes in the US. I know it does not make much sense, but thats the coin industry and why most of us love it.