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  1. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    He received positive feedback, unless he give himself the feedback of course..
  2. It sure is a Colin Cooke purchase, thanks Paulus for that. Jamie
  3. Picked up this beautiful 1886 Gothic Florin, very happy indeed. The top end grades are out of my price range so I'm aiming to collect with GVF - EF+ Any opinion on grade of this piece would be welcomed with thanks? I'm new to this series as I would have usually collected pennies. Cheers Jamie
  4. Thanks VS, that's what Colin Cooke graded at (GVF or Better).. Aye I was surprised at the remaining lustre in hand to be honest, nice example for my budget.. Very happy indeed Cheers Jamie
  5. Would you guys kindly give me an opinion on grade on this Gothic Florin Cheers Jamie
  6. Absolutely delighted with this 1930 George V Small Head Penny, many thanks @Rob
  7. Vegas's Introduction

    Hey Vegas, I'm new myself, I read mostly as the knowledge level is sky high! Jamie
  8. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I haven't bought from him just queried a sale with him in the past.. He has some beauties for sale no doubt but pictures of screens is a little dodgy for me. Jamie
  9. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Just had a run in with Torcoins - ebay recently, complete ignoramus.. Makes me wonder does he have possession of half the coins he sells as it's dodgy pictures of a screen.. No thanks mate
  10. What's the significance of the low ball grade cartwheel penny?
  11. Even accumulating 70 would be some feat, there's no fools here to be had scammer
  12. very interesting, thanks for sharing
  13. 1992 20p coins

    One recently sold for £3.20, in average circulated condition
  14. Greetings all!

    Hi Jerry, that's a good plan of action. I'd need to purchase another tray to allow but it would be worth it. Ive them all in 2x2s in a lovely wooden box with slides for each 2x2 so no rubbing etc, also have silica gel packs in there too. Ill check those capsules out, I was eyeing up buying genuine airtites from USA, but the postage is the same cost of 25 capsules! Cheers Jamie
  15. Greetings all!

    Pete, just can't resist a nice penny for a fair price Constantly on the look out, wish I'd the funds to go to bricks and mortor auctions. Jamie