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  1. Cliff

    1934 wreath cron

    Congratulations - well spotted Jeff. Thanks for the pics Pete, nothing came with the original post.
  2. Whooops - cap in hand, I've misread and misunderstood my Gouby, for which I apologize. I was going off the two different hair lengths your two 1875s 'appear' to have and jumping the gun.
  3. Isn't your new one, Britannia with the long neck hair, Gouby reverse J and your old one, with the short neck hair, reverse ja? I tend to get confused as the bottle empties!
  4. Cliff

    1863 penny stumpy 'Y'.

    Another view of the 1861 Y repair
  5. Smack on the button, thanks Rob. Plain as daylight now they're pointed out to me but it needed your expertise to open my eyes!
  6. Tried that Mike and thumbed through my motley collection of books to no avail. Also tried the web for any heraldic clues etc but no go. I recall I had to do quite a bit of fumbling about a while ago to find out what a billet is.
  7. In Maurice Bull's "English Silver Coinage since 1649" he shows the number of harp strings and billets per silver currency coin year/types in the "Varieties, comments etc" column of his description tables (eg 6s - 9b). The billet count ceased wef George 1 and was replaced by a hts count, whilst retaining the harp string count (eg 6s - 5hts) and continued through George II, after which they stop. Forgive my meanderings but what are hts's?
  8. Ah ah, got it Pete, thanks. I apologize to all for my confusion. Must think things through a bit more before opening my mouth .
  9. Ian, Mike: Off on a tangent and maybe clear my head clear my head, isn't this a 2D, not a 1D as was originally offered (Obv beads toughing rim), F10?
  10. Page 507 of Coincraft's 2000 Standard Catalogue of English and UK Coins lists a "5 over 3" with no mention of 45/45. From your excellent pics I'll join you in the 45/45 camp though.
  11. I confess not being able to tell the difference BUT is Vickysilver's halfcrown a Hollow Neck (Old ESC 767, New ESC 3719)? If so, would that make any difference to the strike and composition?
  12. Cliff

    1671 Halfcrown

    Thanks Rob, much obliged.
  13. Cliff

    1671 Halfcrown

    I've started to have a look at halfcrown coins and realize that I'm at the bottom of a long steep learning curve if I'm going to continue. I recently purchased a 1671 VICESIMO TERTIO which I thought was ESC 468 (old). The more recent ESC 6th edition now classes this as ESC 457 and describes it as "No stop after HIB (7 - 10 strings)". My Irish Harp only has five strings, is this common or a variant? Your comments would be much appreciated. Cliff
  14. Thanks Kev (and Madness for contribution).