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  1. Richard, Certainly. Do you need the other side?
  2. Thanks for your input gents.
  3. Mike, can't tell properly but your 1849 Penny appears to have the top serif of the I in GRATIA missing (filled?), like my piece. Mine has also had work done around the 4 in the date, does yours?
  4. Many thanks to Michael Gouby for his additional page 37/1 and 37/2 re BP 1860 NG. Comes with the correct 6 hole spacing too.
  5. I've also tried to obtain but the various ones I saw, whilst the spaces between the six individual rings were correct, the spacing between the two sets of three rings did not match what was needed. I tried ENSONS (manufactured the springs for Michael Gouby's binder) but no go. I contacted M.G. to see if he had any spare binders or could direct me to where I could purchase one but, again, no go. M.G. informed me that he had tried to obtain some "spares" but his printer informed him they were no longer in production, although he'd found one box of 300 ring springs in Italy that could be bought for £1000. Transpires this six ring spacing was the one used by File-O-Fax but went out of production 10 years ago. Would be interested to learn if anyone does manage to obtain any!
  6. Good spot. BP 1895Aa (V + v) in the new Gouby pages.
  7. Thanks Richard. Sorry you aren't feeling too good but hope you better soon and the results all good.
  8. Sorry Richard, think I'm missing something here. BP1890JB??? Please put me out of my misery!
  9. Just received my new pages and my mind boggles at the work it must have entailed. Congratulations on a job well done Michael.
  10. Showing my ignorance (pointless trying to hide it), which is Jack Cooper's coin?
  11. Thanks Pete. Cap off to you (an expression oft used on here in the past but can't remember who by - not seen for a while!).
  12. Good point Pete. Left pondering if die clash is on all 1858 LR SD, 5 die crack? You may be able to identify and help from all those you've got tucked away!!!!
  13. Am I correct in assuming that the Rev die clash, showing to the left of her right forearm on Pete and Martin's earlier pics, is on all small date, large rose examples (as well as the 5 die crack)? If so, die clash may have something to do with the apparent worn right breast?
  14. AardHawk made a posting Apr 2008 in which he drew attention to a Sept 1976 Coin Monthly article, "Further Varieties of the 1902 Penny" by A R Alexander and A M Lisk. Whilst the article does not specifically mention "wavy 2s", it does go into some depth regarding Shape of 2 and pointings, suggesting at least 13 varieties. Worth a look and a consideration I think.
  15. Confirm I've got it. Cliff