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PWA 1967

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  1. Hi Ian.

    Small florescent dots as on both sides of the 1902 penny you bought are signs of live verd of which only a couple will be detrimental should you decide to sell.

    They are probably easily removed and of no concern but better to look out for.

    If a couple of dots show (live)it is always having a look at the remainder of the coin before buying.

    The live verd may now only show as spots but the remainder may have left / leave corrosion.

    Oxidisation and poor storage will leave a green tinge or colour.

    On common coins such as the 1902 better left alone.

    Its a lovely coin but take note if you start spending over £50 on another date for one.


  2. Money was sent via pay pal 22nd december.

    Same address you gave me......




    1. colonialjohn


      Let me have your E-Mail via PayPal and I will send an invoice its $45 U.S. due to $20 for P&H.


      John Lorenzo

      United States