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  1. Welcome to the forum!

    You have certainly jumped in with a very specific and knowledgeable query. I can't say I can help greatly as I have only one 1693 Half Crown and that has the blundered 3 in the date, so probably outside your remit. It appears to have no dot between HI and REX whichever side of the Crown. Herewith for interest:


    1693 HC 2-horz Red.jpg

  2. Interesting. Research on "Is Restoro safe" throws up very conflicting results. I suspect many of the positive reviews are fake, and the negatives are damning. It purports to be a fix for slow PCs, but many of the customers suspect it is a con.

    This from the Microsoft forum seems to be the most reliable:



  3. Certainly not Republican. I think it is Commodus as Augustus, 177 to 192 AD. Legend is one of three variations similar to M COMM ANT P FEL AUG BRIT, types L M and N in Sear.

    I can't be sure of the reverse - there are lots where there is some God or other standing and holding various items with long and complicated legends around the edge. Legend ends COS III I think, but Sear does not list all of the variations. It could be S5654 - Libertas holding pileus and sceptre - or similar.


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  4. Yes - the Task Manager, as mentioned before, is the thing that will tell you what resources your laptop is using, and which app is doing it.

    Quickest way to launch it is to right click on the window icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. In the pop up list you will see Task Manager about half way down - click on that.

    There are lots of things to look at there, and I am not going to try to give a tutorial! Explore the various tabs and see if anything is using a great deal of resource or if any of the measures are running at 100%.


  5. The usual immediate action is to shut down and restart the computer - see if that helps, if you haven't already done so.

    Another frequent cause is if Windows is doing a big download ready for an update. If you bring up the task manager (under settings) you can see what is happening - if the disk drive and ethernet are very busy when you are doing nothing, that could be the issue. You can also check to see if you are working at RAM memory full, which will also slow you down. 

    You have checked for bugs, so doesn't seem to be that.

    If you don't have a "cleaner" installed, it might be worth trying that. AVG has a good one with a free trial, so you can see if that makes a difference without spending money.

    One other possibility - how old is your machine? I have experienced it when a laptop gets beyond a certain age it suddenly slows down massively. It is suspected that the machine makers have deliberate "built in obsolescence" to do this and make us buy a new machine!

  6. I am certainly a home wine maker, but I am a long way from Milton Keynes (North Devon), so I am not sure it is worth the cost of getting them down here.

    I suspect anyway that they would not make great wine - as a general rule, grapes that are good to eat make uninteresting wine. They tend to lack the tannin and acidity that produces a palatable wine as they have been bred to be sweet and light.

    Grape jelly might be an alternative?


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  7. 4 hours ago, Coppers said:

    Any chance pre-decimal coinage may be making a comeback?

    It would be a hell of a boost to our IT industry! Can you imagine the amount of work needed to convert all our old systems to £sd?

    When I was with IBM in the 1990s we used to joke that that was the way to really create "jobs for life".


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  8. I have picked this up at market and after some reflection decided I will never use it, so I will move it on.

    "Devon Tavern Tokens" by Yolanda Stanton and Neil Todd, 1982 paperback. Printed as part of a series by Exeter Industrial Archaeology Group.

    In Very good condition - handled but no tears, spine perfect, no writing inside. Includes a loose addendum of 7 pages identifying the illustrations. Has many black & white photos both of tokens and sometimes of the pubs they relate to.

    £12 including UK 2nd class postage, first come first served.

  9. This card I picked up in an auction lot the other day - rather tickled me:

    It occurred to me later that:

    It would have seemed funny at the time because the thought that the vicar might have had any nefarious purpose would have been unthinkable and

    In the modern day his attentions would more likely have been aimed at the young men of the parish!

    Vicar card.jpg

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  10. Also interesting is that he was succeeded by Caracalla and Geta - brothers. They couldn't stand their father's advisors, so had them all beheaded. A recent excavation in York discovered a Roman cemetery with about 30 bodies buried with their heads between their knees - presumed to be Septimus Severus's advisors.

    Geta didn't last long - murdered probably on the orders of his brother. Caracalla only made it another 5 years before too was murdered. 

    Who would be emperor in those days!

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  11. There are generally two reasons for getting into crypto currency:

    The legitimate one is to make a profit by gambling on the value going up. This may be a great success, but may also lose everything invested. Doing through Paypal is as good as anywhere.

    The other reason is to use the funds for possibly illegal purchases, or to launder illegal capital, as crypto currency is largely untrackable. Not sure Paypal would allow this as you would need to be logged in to Paypal to make your illegal purchase or transfer, and that inevitably means it is trackable!

  12. Certainly going to be tricky! Very little to go on - I can't really work out any of the lettering. The head looks reminiscent of Septimus Severus with the possibly forked beard? The reverse looks a bit crudely designed, which made me think of a barbarous copy - but that doesn't usually happen with silver denarius I believe?

    Good luck!