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  1. Please could somebody help me trace the provenance of a coin I have. It's an Edward IV penny, type XXI, London, EDWARD DI GRA REX ANGLI legend with 'cinquefoil' mintmark. I bought it from Timeline Auction 21.02.18, Lot. 1240. It stated in the description that it was Ex Morton & Eden Ltd sale; formerly in the Archbishop John Sharp (1644-1714) collection. However, I can't seem to find it listed in the M & E sale for their December 2017 auction. Was their another part to this sale? Could anybody advise or have a quick look for me? Many thanks, Descartes
  2. Thanks for your responses and for the info guys. It's really appreciated!
  3. Please could somebody help me with the sub-class of this Edward I penny. I know it's secondary phase (so class 10cf) but would like to narrow it down even further (e,g, 10cf1-10cf6). It doesn't look like any of the 5 different crowns shown in the Galata Guide, but it has to be a 10cf as its obverse legend reads EDWA... Thanks, Descartes
  4. Descartes

    ID help please - Edward I, class 10 penny

    Thanks again for your help!
  5. Descartes

    ID help please - Edward I, class 10 penny

    Hi JLS, thanks for the advice and for taking the time to reply. It's London mint. I don't have a good image of the reverse yet, so I can't post a photo.
  6. Descartes

    Edward I (Spink auction win)

    Hello chaps, Please could I ask one of the experts a question or two about my Edward I pennies I won today on the Spink auction? First question... where it say in the provenance ii) Elmore-Jones, Glendining, 10 April 1984, lot 1582 - £65 does that mean that the second coin in the description is ex Elmore-Jones collection? Edward I (1272-1307), Pennies (6), Berwick, local dies issue, 1.35g (S.1415); also, Durham, class 9b1, 1.46g (cf. N.1037.1 {for type}; S.1421); additionally, Newcastle (4), class 9b1 (2) with star, 1.38g; and without, 1.31g (N.1037.1; S.1408); also, 9b1/10ab mule, 1.48g (N.1037/38; S.1408/9); lastly, class 10ab, 1.25g, reading hb (N.1039; S.1409), generally very fine, all toned (6). provenance ii) Elmore-Jones, Glendining, 10 April 1984, lot 1582 - £65 Secondly, please could I have a more detailed ID on coin number 5. It's listed as a Newcastle 10ab, but I'd like to know which one of the subgroups if possible (i.e. 10ab1-6). Many thanks, Descartes
  7. Descartes

    Possible Edward I or II Coin

    Hi Stu, There are two. His FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Grunal-Moneta-654941368041899/photos/?tab=album&album_id=654945274708175 and website page: http://www.grunalmoneta.co.uk/
  8. Descartes

    Possible Edward I or II Coin

    You're just a pro Stu. The class 10s baffle the heck out of me... even with the Galata Guide and Dave's Grunal page I still can't get a handle on them 😕
  9. Hi Craigy. I also enjoy collecting the 50ps. I'm up to date with all the UK ones and have recently got myself the gruffalo BU (from The Westminster Collection). I collect the Isle of Man and Gibraltar 50ps too. I still have a few gaps in the Christmas issues, but they're great fun to collect, and they seem to be going up in value if Ebay is anything to go by. I really liked the Snowman 50p - I got it for a Christmas present. It's a shame it's not going into circulation, as I rather liked the design, and thought it was a cool thing to commemorate. I'm not so sure about the gruffalo to be honest, but I had to get it for the sake of completion!
  10. My win on the DNW auction today. Not a rare or exceptional penny but it fills a monarch gap and I'm pleased with the condition!
  11. Chaps, Any chance I could have an id on this Durham mint Edward 1st penny? It's currently for sale on ebay. It's not the best photo I'm afraid but I think it's one of the class 10s! Thanks Descartes
  12. Descartes

    Edward I penny (Durham) ID help please

    Thank you sir! I had an inkling it was a class 10... but that whole class with its plethora of sub-classes rather frightens an amateur like me!
  13. Descartes

    Charles I Crowns - Breathtaking

    Hi Stu, I too love the coinage of Charles I, especially the Exeter mint coins. I once had a semi-decent Exeter sixpence but I had to sell it as my collection was becoming too eclectic for my tastes. It was a tough move but the hammered pennies won in the end! Still, if I was a rich man, I'd still love to own a couple of those stunning CRI crowns in the up and coming Davcoin auction!
  14. Hi Courtney, Had a really nice email from Emma today. She sent me some images and I'm really pleased. Will definitely be bidding on this lot! Thanks for such a speedy response. I really appreciate it. Descartes
  15. Hi Courtney, I'm a bit disappointed that after several emails for an image of lot 85 on your auction 28 (Argentum), I still haven't even received an acknowledgement. I know the lot is not one of the biggest earners, but I would have expected at least a response! I hope it's due to a back-log or something similar and not because it only has a few hundred pounds as the estimate. I know it's not your fault personally, but I feel at liberty to have a little grumble as the whole BSJ experience is frustrating and seems convoluted in my mind. Cheers, Descartes.
  16. Descartes

    Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    I thought it was perhaps time we had our own RECENT ACQUISITIONS hammered coins post.
  17. Descartes

    Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    I also finally got my hands on a semi-decent Edward I class 7a penny through DNW today
  18. Descartes

    Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    My purchase today from the DNW auction. A little Henry V, Penny, class Ab, London, annulet to left & pellet to right of crown, annulet before Lon, S 1777. Apparently very rare, but unfortunately plugged. Does anybody know what the legend read around the obverse. All I can make out is HENRI..GRA...REX...ANG
  19. Hello chaps, Do any of you more experienced chaps know of any 'famous' Plantagenet collections that went to auction in the last 50 years? As I've now fine tuned my collection to the Plantagenet period I'm looking for more specialist literature, and would like to trace some auction catalogues that perhaps list rarer coins and varieties than the standard books/catalogues available in print now. I know of the J P Mass collection (that covered part of this period), but would like to explore other big collections with choice coins that may have gone under the hammer. Thanks, Descartes
  20. Descartes

    Plantagenet Collections (auctions)

    Thanks Rob, I will start hunting down catalogues of the names you mentioned and see where it leads me! Descartes
  21. Descartes

    Cnut Penny (Salisbury Mint)

    Learned chaps, Could you hammered chaps cast your eye over this Canute quatrefoil penny (Salisbury mint) and tell me if the portrait looks normal. It's certainly a different bust to the one you find on the usual penny. Were dies locally made during Canute's reign rather than centrally?
  22. Descartes

    Cnut Penny (Salisbury Mint)

    Thanks, Rob. That's really useful information. I'll try and get hold of Blackburn and Lyon as it sounds like a good read. Cheers for the Winchester pointer too
  23. Descartes

    My Latest Acquisition

    Today's acquisition. An early milled penny from the reign of Charles II.
  24. Chaps, I'm looking for a top grade William & Mary maundy penny. I'm also hoping to find a good William III maundy penny for my collection. Would love to hear from anybody who has one for sale! Descartes
  25. Hello good people of the forum. I'm looking for a really nice Edward I class 7a penny (with rose on breast). Preferably one in tip-top condition with no ghosting or scratches, and with a good central strike. Cheers, Descartes