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  1. craigy


    the old explorer 2 doesn't miss a thing, any ideas on who is on this coin ? thanks in advance
  2. this 2018 sixpence was sold as bu, yet looks proof to me,
  3. after looking the cameo 53 sets seem quite numerous, although the bronzes seem a bit harder to find with a true 100% cameo,
  4. craigy

    Undeclared Hoard of Saxon coins

    such a shame, they would have made a pretty penny anyway doing it legit, and to have your name on that hoard would be something special, bet there are some dealers shitting it now
  5. sounds like the ingrams in disguise lol
  6. craigy

    Denarius ?

    not much to go on,
  7. they remind me of some silver coins i find on the beach
  8. teddys and all https://www.royalmint.com/gifts/gifts-for-under-20/royal-mint-2019-annual-bear/
  9. craigy

    Bags of Roman

    another toned coin, seems to be lots and lots turning of late of all eras
  10. noticed them creeping up on ebay if any one is interested in modern coinage, 2016 definitive 50p
  11. craigy

    Minting Of New £1 Coin

    didnt someone do a rather in depth study and we came to the conclusion they were not errors just tolerances in the mass production varying
  12. so at 07:01 it was in my basket, when i got to payment 10 seconds later it wasnt in my basket, how do the likes of the london coin company get 7 to sell on ebay ??? they seem to have used the royal mints photo's as well, who is the london coins that sell stuff for many times the value, i'm sure these people are in bed with the Royal mint, been a while since i have bought anything from them as they seem to be sneaking around and branching out in many direction https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2019-Struck-on-the-Day-Birth-Queen-Victoria-Privy-Gold-Matte-Full-Sovereign-Coin/183825935898?hash=item2acce12e1a:g:qdgAAOSwCvVc6xhr