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  1. craigy

    Madness' Coin Grading Training Ground

    in some instances it makes the coin look plated in photos,
  2. craigy


    is it something not done in this country
  3. craigy


    was looking at one guy, numistacker services but the go to the us ???
  4. craigy

    Madness' Coin Grading Training Ground

    seems to only affect the obverse on these coins,
  5. craigy

    Madness' Coin Grading Training Ground

    what are the pock marks on a lot of the obverse sides of these coins
  6. apparently he was the fella who found it thats in the article,
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/dual-date-1-pound-coin-2016-2017-rare-error-coin/222984942148?hash=item33eaf03244:g:WHwAAOSwh9FbAJee:rk:1:pf:0 https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/3968413/are-new-one-pound-coin-different-dates-genuine-royal-mintmoney/ more hype form the media, dont understand how the guys name in the paper is mr bird but the letter form the mint is to a mr scott, unless its a fake fb name
  8. craigy

    Florin date

    what do the roman numerals read, mdcc?lb?
  9. craigy

    Spot the Rhuddlan

    yeah, had some lovely cut halfs from the field and always thought any full ones would be nice, but the reality wasnt so lol
  10. hiall, am stumped with the date of this florin, looks a b at the end, thansk in advance
  11. craigy

    Spot the Rhuddlan

    i got a cut half i found year before last, was very happy as i have now had a hammered from every country in the uk from one field,
  12. craigy

    Spot the Rhuddlan

    thats what i thought at first glance,
  13. craigy

    Spot the Rhuddlan

    no go on which one
  14. at spinks ? do i still have to enroll with ngc or can you submit thru spinks and do you know where it is done cant see anything online about it