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  1. craigy

    50 Years of the 50p (Set)

    now £800 from the london coin company https://thelondoncoincompany.com/epages/4d237887-b78a-4f19-8c94-ebc46654c578.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=%2FShops%2F4d237887-b78a-4f19-8c94-ebc46654c578%2FProducts%2FSCS-037000&fbclid=IwAR1gEu1c-6tpPubuCDoCLkfkkJMmiWNbCKdclLBaLskHgY9dj9IxYyFmj4o
  2. craigy

    50 Years of the 50p (Set)

    the london coin company have some in stock at a mere snip for 750 lol, how are they getting their hands on so many sets ? https://thelondoncoincompany.com/epages/4d237887-b78a-4f19-8c94-ebc46654c578.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/4d237887-b78a-4f19-8c94-ebc46654c578/Products/SCS-037000
  3. craigy

    50 Years of the 50p (Set)

    yup all straight on ebay, yet you sign up for info from the mint and find nothing out until 2 weeks later
  4. silver pennies and linen towels is a great book
  5. craigy

    Royal Mint 2019 coin sets

    i love the sapphire anniversary coin but dislike the way they write anniversary of blah blah on the coins now
  6. craigy

    Royal Mint 2019 coin sets

    the royal mint have stated the annual sets are a representation of the best coins for that year
  7. not the oldest of coins but a beautiful design
  8. craigy

    Royal Mint 2019 coin sets

    and the 2019 like the last few annual sets will not include all the released 2019 coins
  9. craigy

    First hammered of 2019

    Still amazes me how many hammered coins this particular field has thrown up, and with other bits and bobs it nods to a long gone market site within or bordering a deer park , was obviously a medieval market for quite a while as the coins range from Henry II to Charles I, i think this is Edward I. ?? Durham mint which is my first Durham coin from this field, and its a big old flan on it, please excuse the awful pictures, any id is welcome, thanks for looking,
  10. craigy

    vip 53 crown,

    graded as a ultra cameo, yet listed as a vip proof, i really need to get my cameo proof one slabbed https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Elizabeth-II-1953-VIP-Proof-Crown-PR66-Ultra-Cameo-NGC-Royal-Mint-KM894-S-4/232854327708?hash=item363733119c:g:wMIAAOSw0d9bSxU0:rk:1:pf:0
  11. heading over to you tube to check it out
  12. craigy

    Tiberius denarius authentic?

    looks fine to me, handled a few in me time
  13. 300 notes for a 1/4 sov, 700 for the india one,