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  1. http://www.jncoins.co.uk/Shop/half-crowns/415-elizabeth-ii-proof-half-crown-1953.html beautiful coin
  2. Half Groat

    deposits from the field, area is infested with iron,
  3. Half Groat

    a bit rusty and holed but still nice to find, especially as land is at a premium now we are heading into summer
  4. taken form the Royal mint museum facebook page, and what a beauty this coin is, almost certainly unique The coin illustrated here is a piedfort sixpence of 1963. It is the same diameter and carries the same designs as a standard sixpence but at 6.460g it is more than double the normal weight and it is made in sterling silver. For many years it has been in the Mint collection but so far it has not been possible to determine precisely why it was struck. There is no evidence of relevant experiments taking place at that time and in terms of size it cannot be related to any other coin the Mint was making in 1963. For the time being, therefore, the coin remains a mystery but the search will continue for an answer.
  5. 2018 BRONZE 20p question

    do you have any pictures, i would start by sending it off to the royal mint museum to have it authenticated first off , they now charge £20 for this service https://www.royalmint.com/collector-services/valuations/
  6. Rainbow hammy

    lets have a ganda ;0)
  7. Rainbow hammy

    and a nice little Carlisle cut half of Henry III
  8. Rainbow hammy

    my only hammy to have rainbow toning, natural or man made ? have no provenience for this coin is a class 2b, henry 3 nicole london
  9. Frosting and Proofs

    a 1970 frosted proof would be like the holy grail, must be a set or 2 out there
  10. Edward III half noble

    nice one, someone else found my gold, was on this farm for about 6 years, found around 109 hammered on one particular field, always thought there would be one there, then some go got permission and found it within 6 weeks, was gutted lol
  11. Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    defo one of the brussels hoard, they all have that same look
  12. NGC Slabbing

    have you got a link to this ??? thanks
  13. Bristol penny

    minelabs are not for the faint hearted, esp the etracs and explorers, been using my deus exclusively for months now, hardly used the explorer, deus is so easy to use, light, and hassle free
  14. celts

    just the one tribe, Catuvellauni, that took control of the trinovantes, they are all Cunobelin except for 3 or 4 who are of AGR the supposed son of Cunobelin, Cunobelin was the main reason the Romans stayed away until after his death, was very powerful, funny thing is out leaders were sending there sons to rome to get educated