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On the way back to the car

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Couple of hours out detecting this morning until it started to rain really heavy, on the way back to the car a quiet signal had me digging my last hole. Out pops a little hammered covered in sticky mud. Thought I should just put it in my tin and wait till I’m home to see who it was.

Henry IV halfpenny I’m pretty sure, withers type 4. Can anyone confirm, many thanks



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Sorry to disappoint but the coin has im cross 3a that puts it firmly in Henry VI reign, first impressions are that it is rosette-mascle issue London

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Thanks Dave, I was going on the fact that it ends ANGLIE , I can clearly see the E. Withers only shows Henry IV types 3a and 4 ending so . All Henry vi halfpennys in withers end ANGL.. What do you think?

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