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Found 1 result

  1. DrLarry

    The JOY of forensic coining

    The JOy of looking at coins under the microscope. Since starting out on this funny pathway into collecting I must admit that I am over the moon with the results. Besides my strange pattern which is difficult to explain I have moved from section to section and seem some extraordinary things. All of these add up to evidence of radical changes in the design of the half penny and the penny both on the reverse and the portrait. these observations are down to a particular method I use to uncover the underlying scars of parts of the design that has been removed by someone after the original design has been "stripped down" to its bare essentials. I know I am hard to follow and most of will never follow me, but it brings me the greatest joy to have for my purposes discovered the alternative ship that crosses into the leg of Britannia and into the field close to the boat. I can now say I am 80% sure that I have the evidence to prove that a much larger ship with several sails each with a large cross in the centre and the back of a flat ship with the head of the Hind pointing its way to verification that the ship is the golden hind. I know it has been speculated on in the past, but I now know its identity. The ship rises up far into the field twice the height of the present ship and it it perfectly proportional equally balanced and has a powerful national pride in its rendering. There are several crows nests in the field. The lettering on the half penny has been completely changed and there is enough evidence for me to be able to state that the lettering was originally almost half the size of the present lettering. It no longer bothers me to explain these things to the forum because I have evidence that I am convinced by and ,as much as you may not think so, I am not easily convinced with my various theories but I am growing bold enough to tell you things as I find them. Once again before criticising I would urge you to look with extreme care at this area to the left of the ship and into Britannias Leg. This leg was not originally modelled in this position and the suture line between whatever is the left of the extension of the discovered ship can be seen in this area. Many years ago I came up with a theory 3 years in fact, but was uncomfortable releasing the information for fear of ridicule and derision. Now thankfully I am past that stage of low confidence and I will accept the original vision I had. The difficulty has not been the method it has taken me so long because the design has gone through a staged set of alterations which have covered some of the original design. For example the portrait extension on the right side which acts as an explanation to the unrealistic cut off of the queens portrait. All the evidence now points to the continuation of the HONI SO IT into the field and this garter insignia encloses the garter star which is centred on the lowest colon. The portrait finishes between the F and the D. This nasty piece of engraving HONI SO is one of my hit list areas and initially the garter has the buckle and the buckle holes and the insignia of the order. I think now I am almost sure about how the portrait was originally but it is so radically different form the extant one I want to get all my evidence prepared over the summer. Penny buffs are not going to like it very much but be excited that there is a true work of art hidden under the present one. Again I am confident of at least three changes to the die and again cannot yet answer how the hell the evidence is there how it is preserved and who? why? it was changed. The half penny shows the standing Britannia, looking 3/4 turned towards us alongside her is a lion looking out to the right, in perspective sits a large ship who's sails and masts rise up much higher into the field and they are the Golden Hind. How? why? it was removed I have not a clue, why we dont have any examples of it again I haven't a clue. Why there are scars there which point the way to its existence ? again I do not know! But looking at the quality of the artwork after spending years with it I would say it was a most beautiful and perfectly modelled reverse. It has little resemblance to the extant one , although the cut down ship with all its myriad of flaws and artistic failures is sadly the depressingly amature thing we have ended up with. It is my belief that this alternative reverse was the original design which has been butchered by either someone frustrated at the need to destroy a masterpiece in favour of a cartoon, or as I think more likely the original design has been remodelled by a craftsman not an artist. I will begin to give you the photographic evidence over the next few weeks I wanted however to share this joy with the forum. But I wanted to say what a joy this has brought me and I truly and dearly love forensic numismatics. And I dont really mind if you think me mad because I am confident that these findings will be verified either by me or more effectively by the collective search for the key elements which exist in the early bronze coins from 1860 to 1863.