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Found 1 result

  1. DrLarry

    Propaganda ART in coins

    From the earliest coins designs have been used to make statements that the state controls the weights of precious metals and therefor trade both internally and externally. How have these decisions on how much one lump of gold is worth in one place get translated around the world in ancient time and more recently in standardised ways? The two central characters in the earliest coinage Lydian (according to Herodotus) the people of Asia Minor placed a lion and some other sacrificial animal on the first gold coins. What is the significance of these animals? Later coin designs represent Kingship as close to Gods and in most ancient cultures the head of the state usually had a significant role in the core religious rights. Coins reflect some important methods to put forward propaganda kingship and or religion. can we have a discussion on this very broad topic please? my interest is as coins as small portable pieces of art, but most including all of ours since late saxon times also fulfill propaganda purposes at the same time.