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    eating out, antiquities, diamonds, jewellery, fishing, snowboarding, Newcastle Silver
  1. AndrewCampbell

    Beginner Trying to Spot a Fake...

    When dealing with antiques, you need a certain level of expertise with a number of years of experience within the field to truly know what is real and what is not just by the first glance. However, with the many experts here in this forum, I bet you can grasp the concept within this field in just a while.
  2. AndrewCampbell

    Where on Earth do I start?

    It never gets dull when it comes to dealing with antiques. There is always a story that lies beneath every individual piece and it is nothing but a lot of fun and excitement during your entire journey of digging up its origins and history.
  3. Really sorry about that. My spelling isn't all that good. I put my comments into a word processor before copying and pasting over if not my comments come out looking like gibberish! But again, why not look over the internet for other traces of this particular set and see what the results turn up for the stuff?
  4. What about locating a jeweller or an antiques dealer who is willing to trade or value the items for you? Sometimes government bodies like the mint may not have the proper eye or experience it takes to look at silver pieces and other coins for that matter when they come from more rare places.