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  1. Ah that makes sense! it weighs 22g so perhaps equivalent to 3/4th of an oz. Thanks Rob!
  2. Hi Folks, As some of you might have seen from previous posts I'm sorting through a collection of my late father's coins. The other day I came across this 'bit of metal' it wasn't with any of his coins (not that they were all in one place!) But I think judging by where I found it it was probably one of his metal detecting finds. Was wondering if anyone could give me any pointer as to what it is from the shape (as there are no markings left to go off) Thanks in advance :-)
  3. greenmeme

    Beginner Trying to Spot a Fake...

    Oh no the pictures didn't come out! Well the coins are an 1881 and an 1872 shilling, and 1872 6d, a folrin which I can't find a date on but she is wearing a crown, and a very worn 3d with a date of 18?? All with the heads and tails "opposing" (terminology?) was this the way they were produced for a period of time? Thank you!
  4. greenmeme

    Beginner Trying to Spot a Fake...

    Many thanks for all the replies and help folks. Yes it measures 19mm and weighs 4g so checks out as a half sov! He wouldn't have taken it out of circulation as he was born 1936 so I assume it was passed down from his mother. His collection consists mainly of British silver and some coppers, he has a small amount of foreign, mainly Commonwealth countries, but a crazy amount of sixpences, about 20 pre 1947 and over 100 post. I was wondering if there is a reference book or catalog for coins, like Stamp collectors refer to Stanley Gibbons Catalog is there an equivalent for coins? One thing I'd like to look up but cant seem to find from internet research (hence the need for a catalog) is if there was a time in young Queen Victoria's reign when they made coins with the heads and tails opposing? These five below all have the heads "upside down" to the tails, what was the time period this happened in? Many thanks again folks and apologies if the pictures come out massive, I can't seem to add them in to the post as before?
  5. Hi Folks, Have been reading the forum for some time (thank you!) but joined today to post. My father had a fairly small collection of coins but never got round to sorting it very well before he passed away, I'm currently trying to sort it and am enjoying the experience and feeling close to him. Initially I was very excited when I came across what I thought to be a Gold Sovereign, however I have now read up about fakes but am still too much of a novice to be able to tell the difference. It is Edward VII 1904, I assume made in London (Please see attached pictures) I don't have very accurate scales but it weighs between 4-5grams - I think a bit light? Any advice on its authenticity (and how to tell!) would be much appreciated!