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  1. Hi Eric The April 2003 contains ‘A Collection of Victorian Young Head and Gothic Bust Milled Silver Coinage’ In this are two 1838 shillings. MS4562 and MS4563, respectively light tone UNC (£250) and light scratch on neck, toned a pleasing EF (£125). In the write up both state ‘w.w. raised on truncation’. Hope this helps Alan
  2. Open IrfanView, should have black screen. Drag picture onto screen Click on ‘File’ in top left bar In the dropdown menu, click ‘Save as…’ Two boxes appear In box ‘left’ I change File name, so as not to replace the original. Indicate where to save file in ‘Recent folders’ dropdown menu In box ‘right’ tick ‘Set file size’ Put in 499 Press save in left box Mine turned out as 490KB file size Hope this works for you Alan (Using Windows 11)
  3. There was not a March 2003. I have February and April Alan
  4. Thanks Steve and Jerry IrfanView looks a excellent program, I have just downloaded the 64-Bit and it works fine. Cuts file size to 499KB very easily. If anyone is interested this is a good review of its features. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJIBaz1FTkE Alan
  5. Hi Blake Thanks for your reply, yes that does work. I normally send pictures as an attatchment to the email so I don't get that option. I will in future use that method. Many thanks Alan
  6. Any suggestions for easy programmes to decrease the size of photos to 0.49Mb? I used ‘Resize’ in Windows but could do with a programme that I could request 490KB as Resize took it to 292KB Many thanks Alan
  7. Hello My first and last post was a few months ago in a ‘Welcome recent new members’ topic. As I said I have been in the background for years but photography has been an issue. Anyway, I have bought a new camera. So as there had been a topic on 1897 High Tide I thought I would start with a coin I bought over twenty years ago. I had moved on from pennies at the time so put it away in a box. Thoughts?