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  1. I have about 750-800 shilling and florin coins available for sale. I believe they are effectively bullion value although there may be some F and VF coins in this batch. All coins are 95% silver and dates range from 1839 to 1919. Ideally I would like to get a price of 100% to 120% of the silver value. Please contact me if you have any interest in buying. Thanks, Chris
  2. shillingsrfun

    1681 Shilling that may be Scottish?

    Thank you for the confirmation! It was Charles facing the opposite way from the English coinage that had me stumped to start with. While the pics I took on my smartphone aren't great, it's quite a good looking coin imho.
  3. shillingsrfun

    1681 Shilling that may be Scottish?

    I have a Charles II shilling that I am unable to find in my books and hope someone can help? It appears it may be Scottish and googling has not provided me with any pictures. I'm attaching pics here...and am most interested in any information on this coin. Many thanks!
  4. shillingsrfun

    Request help in grading please!

    Hello, I have some coins below that my father had collected. He did so for the silver value predominantly but I have found a couple of 1905 shillings which will have greater value than he likely anticipated. I am struggling to determine what grading each should be and would appreciate any help. Are the non-1905s worth more than bullion value in your opinion? Many thanks for your help. Chris
  5. shillingsrfun

    Bermuda Crown 1964

    I have stumbled across some Bermuda Crowns - all dated 1964 and many in VF condition. The coins are 50% silver and so have .36 oz silver each. Does anyone know of possible interest for these coins? Many thanks for any replies.
  6. shillingsrfun

    Auction Houses?

    I've finally managed to get pics of one of the 1905 shillings. I'm interested in your opinion of it?
  7. shillingsrfun

    Auction Houses?

    My main problem is the coins are in the UK and I only get over occasionally. It's also a small world as I note the book I bought to begin educating myself is actually authored by Chris Perkins! So after consulting his Collectors Coins 2014 book, it looks like the shillings I have that may be decent are a G/VF 1862, a few 1902 EF, a 1903 EF, a few 1904 EF, a 1905 VF and EF, a 1906 EF, a 1907 EF, quite a few 1908 EF, and a few 1909 EF. Unfortunately pics will have to come later but I will try to arrange. Do smart phones take good pics, otherwise what do people use? I would be pleased to have Chris Perkins take a look and will contact him before I next plan a trip over.
  8. shillingsrfun

    Auction Houses?

    I have several hundred shillings and florins dated from 1839 to 1919. Most are F but there are quite a few VF and EF. Is one of the auction houses like Spinks or London Coins a good way to sell these to get good value for them? I appreciate any advice you may have for me. Chris