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  1. Did some research today, a local numismatist is sure it is a 'gaming token' and it is brass (I think I said it was copper)but I still can't find much online with this information.
  2. Hi

    I'll post it if you email it to me, pdwhittingham60@hotmail.co.uk



  3. It's a jpeg. It's 79.9kb. I browse, attach file, and then it says 'the server returned an error during upload'. I've tried basic upload and flash upload. Unless I can email it to anybody???
  4. The server keeps on returning an error during upload!! the George V head is exactly like this one coin-halfpenny-george-v-great-britain-1911 but with no legend. I think I said before it is around the diameter of a sovereign. It was found in a tin of Australian pennies and half pennies, with a few english half pennies. I was wondering if it was a misstruck coin, or a die sample or something. If it was a fake two headed coin, surely it would have the latin legend on it?
  5. I can't seem to upload the picture. It's in the required KB range. Sorry. I can't see any join marks on the edge to indicate it's a cut job. The fact it has no other information on it other than the head of George V is puzzling.
  6. I have a coin or a medal. It is about the same size of a sovereign, bronze/copper, weight 4grams, no milling around edge, with a double obverse of King George V. There is no legend or date, just the head. Does anybody know what this could be? I would class it in VG condition, but it does need a clean, which I am hesitant to do - if cleaned it could possibly co me up a grade. Photo attached - sorry, best I could do! Thank you in advance for your opinions.