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  1. I'd go VF+ if that is not the same thing! Scratch on the face and slight flatness to some of the design on the obverse holding it back a little.
  2. Another slight upgrade arrived today:
  3. Paddy

    Grannie's old sayings

    When I was very young a neighbour boy, a year or two older than me, used to tease me with this one: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? I couldn't get it right then, but it seems easy now.
  4. Paddy

    Grannie's old sayings

    I posted that last night and only when reading back this morning realised that I had got it wrong! Should be: "The sixth sick sheikh's sixth sheep's sick." Much more difficult!
  5. Paddy

    Grannie's old sayings

    That one at least you have chance of getting right (or if not have a good laugh). The one I could never get right was: "The sixth sick sheikh's sixth son's sick."
  6. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I think I would have chosen a different Ebay userid than "fakingit-fun"!
  7. Not really my area, but I think they are different coins. There is a small scratch between the ribbons on the Heritage coin, that is not on yours. Also a black dot between the E and G of REG - which they could have removed if they cleaned it, and does not appear on yours.
  8. Paddy

    Grannie's old sayings

    My granny was a lousy cook. (A great engineer - could make almost anything in wood or steel, but dreadful with a frying pan!) If we ever complained about her latest efforts she would always say: "Eat it up - what doesn't fatten will help to fill up!" The result, I suspect, of bringing up a young family on rationing during the war. I still dread omelettes as she cremated so many of them.
  9. Paddy

    Grannie's old sayings

    Great idea for a thread! I am sure I can think of lots given time, but a couple I recall straight away: She was a devout catholic but as teenagers, when we were on our way out to a party, she would always say: "Be good - but if you can't be good, be careful!" .. and her wise words on road safety: "He was right, dead right, as he went along, but just as dead as if he were wrong!"
  10. Paddy

    1611 James I Shilling Mullet over Bell

    "Mentioned" is the same as "tagged" in this context. The system could not recognise you simply by name - the tag highlights the userid and so can trigger the message.
  11. Paddy

    1611 James I Shilling Mullet over Bell

    Probably something in your settings for the site - you can elect which actions trigger an email notification and which don't. If you click on the down arrow beside your name in the top right of the screen, and then select "Account Settings" from the drop down. The page you get to has "Notification settings" as a link on the right side beneath the advert box. Click on that and you should see your current options. I suspect you have "Do not send me notifications" set at the moment. Further down you can also select which actions trigger a notification in the website and which an email to your registered account.
  12. ... and this 1925 type 1 Sixpence:
  13. I have bought a collection of coins today and achieved a few nice upgrades as a result. 1882 Half Crown is one:
  14. The drugs don't work by the Verve....
  15. Paddy

    What does this mean

    Ah, you are running into the limitations of a generic coin book - they don't have the space to cover all the finer details of varieties. The E and the S on shillings are indeed for England and Scotland. For the George VI ones, the England lion faces left, whereas the Scottish one is facing forward. (I remember which by thinking of the Glasgow handshake... 🙂 ). For QE2 the English has 3 lions, the Scottish one lion. (England football logo should do that.) For the enormous number of varieties of Pennies, you are best to use this site, maintained by a member here: https://headsntails14.wordpress.com/ For halfpennies, your best bet is this one, maintained by the same member: https://halfpennyvarieties.wordpress.com/home/ There are numerous books that go into all the detail - I leave others to advise on those.
  16. Paddy

    long term bulk storage

    Agreed - and a consistent temperature is important (within reason). Attics are generally a very bad place to store coins as the temperature varies wildly over the year, often freezing in the winter and 30c + in the summer. (Hotter than outside because of the roofs exposure to direct sun.) Attics are generally not good for storing anything of value. Wood dries out and splits, oil paintings crack, silver tarnishes and clothes get mildew.
  17. Paddy

    Improving Silver Commemorative Pieces

    I have tried it occasionally, but can't say the results have ever been rewarding. Silver dip will get rid of the marks, but also all the lustre, leaving the coin flat and lifeless. Using a cotton bud dipped in silver dip or Ammonia or lemon juice allows a more selective cleaning of just the spots, but getting to a result that doesn't still look blotchy takes a lot of effort and is rarely successful. I have not tried the aluminium foil and bicarb of soda technique on a modern coin - maybe someone else has? If you have examples that are not too scarce or valuable, experiment and let us know your results. After all, the coin will still be worth its melt value, and that is all most buyers would give you anyway for the common coins.
  18. Probably as a he "cancelled all bids" before ending the item. Maybe the earlier cancellation of the high bid was after the bidder requested a cancellation after realising it was a dud, and that triggered (eventually) his ending of the item.
  19. After my eventual success with the threehalfpence, it has been suggested I list the few threepence dates I still need. Any readable condition considered as long as the price is commensurate with the condition! 1853, 1852, 1849, 1848, 1847, 1842, 1839 I am ashamed to admit I have all but given up searching on Ebay - either no hits at all or ridiculously high prices for the condition, or mis-identified groats. (The 1839 at auction on Ebay at the moment I am already watching.)
  20. Thanks for that. This was from early in my collecting days, just wishful thinking and has reduced the gaps by one for the last few years. Now I will have to take it out and probably scrap it - one more I need. I can't say I go looking very hard for the missing Victorian 3Ds - it goes against the grain for me to spend many hundreds of pounds on a tiny piece of silver only a few numbers different from other 3Ds of the same period. I would rather spend the money on a Saxon penny from a reign I don't currently have.
  21. Ah, I have managed to get back to my photos and now know why I didn't really want to share this one! Even "fair" is a gross over-grading, and the identification as an 1846 is close to guess work! Here we go anyway - don't laugh!
  22. According to my spreadsheet I do have an 1846, though marked as only "fair". I can't get to my photos at the moment - I will try to tomorrow. I must have had it for years as I have bought nothing in this area for years.
  23. Paddy

    Steep slabbing premiums

    I think on Ebay these days you can make an offer even if the seller has not included "or best offer". If you go to "contact seller" and push through to sending a message, you can make an offer there. Ebay seems to encourage it! Sometimes (I can't quite work out which sequence of events brings it up) a button for "make an offer" appears. That seller is in the US and prices there consistently seem much higher than in the UK, even for GB coins, so I would not be surprised if they get 2/3 of the asking price on most of those. As Rob says, it is much easier to drop your price if you have over-cooked it than ask for more once the buyer has clicked buy-it-now!
  24. Is the 1991 Jamaica set any good? Just spotted one coming up in an auction...