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  1. Don't know about anyone else but mines bloomin' lovely this year. Its all the sun and rain no faded lawns that need the rain like in the past few years
  2. Doubt if he would be giving free postage away now at its price now
  3. copper123

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Super scare halfpenny - should have found it on Halloween
  4. copper123

    1698 Half penny

    whoops looks like i must have sold both my coins sum tome ago sorry
  5. While most gardening stops around this time of year there are still plenty other things you can do dividing hostas pruning and pruning roses, etc. The wonderful time comes in the spring really , I got plenty bulbs in for a great new year
  6. I thought the wood takes two years to dry out
  7. seem to remember the name
  8. copper123

    Tiny Coin Found - possibly Celtic?

    would say looks more like a Greek coin not sure if its genuine though
  9. copper123

    NEW 2023

  10. copper123

    NEW 2023

    I cannot wait for someone to say "Why is there a turkey on this coin"
  11. copper123

    Small selection model/toy coinage

    I would imagine that you will get £25 for the lot £30 would be good .
  12. copper123

    Small selection model/toy coinage

    Got them all the model penny is nice thouh just missing a bit of lustre
  13. As the actress said to the bishop
  14. still buying washers I see Scott
  15. copper123

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    looks like some problems on the edge
  16. copper123

    NEW 2023

    Buy the new designs if you want but don't expect an instant profit , you will be very disappointed , a profit might be there after 50 years
  17. I am afraid that many 1860 BB farthings show die cracks in fact its rarer to find an 1860 bb without a die crack. these progress till the dle becomes unuseable , that is why the format was discontinued in 1860 for the far better TB
  18. copper123

    1698 Half penny

    I have a much much nicer coin , will try to put pics on soon , nice double struck blank by the way
  19. copper123

    English King Coin Discovery

    As long as never had to take on the Thames water debt mountain
  20. copper123

    English King Coin Discovery

    So the 1906 san fransisco earthquake could have been avoided?
  21. Big pumpkins this year I would imagine one or two have reached half a ton in Europe and the states
  22. Whoever is doing the laundry is certainly not doing it in public LOL
  23. copper123

    NGC grading OMFG!!!

    Near fine at a push