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  1. copper123

    £1 Coin.

    They been made with a file?
  2. Oh yes I forgot James I had sir Walter Raleigh executed after a long spell in the tower of london , bet christopher columbus never got the same thing from the spanish monarchy
  3. "The madness of king george" is probably as good a film as you will find in the end you start feeling quite sorry for him
  4. Like buying natwest with public money then the public being sold it back , just cause some narcissist trashed the whole company
  5. yes he remains the only british king to have published a book and its a pile of rubbish . from what I recall witches were only burned in scotland was it (?) the pendle witches not sure how they died but they did and just because they were were old and without husbands . James did like his art though and is responsible for quite a lot of the royal art collection which is owned by the crown which is you and me by the way through the goverment
  6. Yes there were some really bad plantagenet kings , I must admit I was concentrating on more recent kings as it is easier as the older kings and their legacies fade into the past maybe a get out on my behalf
  7. I have little time for people who claim Charles was murdered (Only my opinion by the way ) While he was beheaded he had many times been asked to plead guilty and say sorry and he would be well looked after , he refused to see common sense and carried on with his ridiculous inalienable right of kings defence . He remains a total prima donna and while George IV was probably the worst king we ever had, Charles runs into second place along with his father in third
  8. well it must be the fault of the conservatives then seeing they have been in power 75% of the time
  9. Obvious catholic - sympathiser or Jacobite. Really cheap for such an old book cannot be many around now
  10. so it does not say "halfpenny " on it like all the rest then? Its a big clue!
  11. copper123


    Working in the army used to be a last resort job unless you were in public school and could get a job straight away as an officer even up till the first world war veterans were treated dreadfully even if they had medals , few got war pensions from war injuries as they were made very hard to claim and mental illness was rewarded with the workhouse or worse still Bedlam where the public paid a small fee too see the lunatics.. Officers got treated better but not by much.
  12. copper123


    Heres an interesting "Mule " model lauer gold coin dated 1887 when it should be at least five years after that. Not in the best of grade but I would like to wager there are very few around
  13. copper123

    1908 Penny SCARCE.

    you could even push that to near fine
  14. copper123

    Another one that got away

    You can also do this in the uk to some extent though most tend to stick with their final salary plans and company pensions . the best thing to do is make your own business decisions and never bother too much about what someone else considers is an "Investment" this also insures that you really have noone to blame but yourself for picking a turkey.
  15. copper123

    Guess the coin

    when all's said and done it's a lovely coin and deserves some consideration lovely study of Victoria
  16. copper123

    Coin prices continue to rise

    Ok obverse is not nice but reverse is very acceptable
  17. Quite often mintage figures from so long ago are not to be trusted
  18. copper123


    Yes I was watching it and annoyingly enough it just disappeared
  19. copper123


    Thanks for the info Kai good information is hard to come buy on the internet it really is annoying not having a copy of Rogers.
  20. *American journalist goes to Afghanistan in 2000. Everywhere he goes he sees men walking ten feet in front of women. He asks an Afghani guy about it, the guy responds, "this is our culture, where men are superior to women, and that is why they must walk behind us." Journalist shrugs and goes back to US. Five years later, in 2005, same journalist goes back to Afghanistan. Everywhere he goes he now sees women walking ten feet IN FRONT of men. Journalist gets really excited, goes to talk to an Afghani guy. "This is an amazing cultural shift, and step toward gender equality!" journalist says. "What prompted this change?" Afghani guy shrugs. "Landmines"
  21. copper123


    Promised scan of the other Moore half dollar (Large size)
  22. copper123


    Are those three pence coins the same size as the shillings or are my eyes playing tricks on me?
  23. copper123


    I bought a mixed lot off ebay recently and amongst them was this little coin made by moore around 1849 presumably for export over the pond its in a small size and features a gothic head of victoria with a crown on and calafornia half dollar on the reverse not sure if this is listed in rogers butn I know there are other similar mules as I have one. I also inclue a picture of the regular large size half dollar that is much more common for reference. Hope someone with a copy of roger's book can help