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  1. Mongo

    engraved coins

    Stunner Debbie! hope it was as nice in hand as you expected. I have had so much going on lately, change of job, some family bereavements, that my coin collecting has been put on hold. I do of course still enjoy them, I hope to add to my collection again soon. So glad you got this coin in the end, as I know how much you liked it! And hi to everyone else! I missed you Hope your all doing well, I will catch up with you and your collecting adventures soon.
  2. You guys never disappoint! Lots of interesting use of coins in history/legend I have never even heard of, great stuff
  3. Hi Alfsmum, I just done a quick google search for you, and it sounds like you have a Churchill Cetenary Trust Medal. The one I found is Silver Proof Coated in 24ct. Gold, this is for sale at a little over £30 in top condition. I am not sure if they made them also in Solid Gold, but if they did yours would be worth more, as the Gold alone would be quite valuable. I may be completely wrong though, as I am still learning about coins too! Here is the link to what I found, is this what you have? http://charlessnowdencoins.com/proddetail.php?prod=13009095
  4. I was day dreaming today, like I often do when my brain aches. I started to think about the importance of some coins roles in historical events, my mind wandered a bit, and I thought how lovely it would be to own the actual coin that decided the kick-off for the 1966 World Cup Final! (does that coin even exist? maybe it has already passed through one of your hands!). Then when I tried to think of other examples, I could not think of any. So I open this thread up to you all, if your bored, have a little think about it... What ONE coin would you love to own, that has taken part in some sort of Historical event?
  5. Not very high grade, but are these any help? http://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?searchterm=!Freeman+76&prm=sr&searchtype=1&page=Pastresults http://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?searchterm=!Freeman+69&prm=sr&searchtype=1&page=Pastresults
  6. Happy Birthday to Mrs P! Hope you both have a lovely time
  7. Another new variety... Go pies!
  8. True! I was more of a numpty, the one I thought I had discovered a new "variety" on, was listed as a sixpence online! Only took me a day or two to work it out
  9. Good old pies... Classic! I made the exact same mistake when first looking around for the Q's.
  10. Now I see what the pictures you posted recently were for! Looks like this will keep you busy for a while. Not much I can offer to help, but if there is anything I can do, let me know... even if it is just an extra pair of eyes to search google for something in particular
  11. Thanks for clearing that up for me Peck Also... could you tell me where the BOLD button is please?
  12. Thanks ski I agree that picking single coins for my collection is the way to go, but when it comes to the 1953 coins for example, it makes more sense for me to just get a plastic set in superb condition and break it up to display with my other coins, rather than paying a couple of quid for each coin in UNC. I have seen lots of UNC 1970 sets, I should of remembered that one! Are there any others you are aware of? Actually, I think it was the 1971 decimal set I have seen loads of, did not know there was a 1970 UNC
  13. I have been looking around Google, but I can not find any info on predecimal UNC coin sets, other than the 1953 plastic set. Were there any other official UNC sets produced? I am not interested in the proof sets, but I thought UNC sets would be a better way to add coins that I like to my collection, rather than buying a Shilling here, a Penny there etc. from the same year. Thanking you kindly!
  14. Now why does that not surprise me!... You should be called Mr Farthing p.s. Still got my eyes on those high grade old heads you have for sale, just waiting for some spare pocket money Don't steal my thunder.I'm older than Colin and I've collected 1/4d's for longer Then we shall call you Great Grandpa Farthing!!!
  15. I do not know if you have fixed it yet Rob, but I had the same problem over the last few days, a download I made changed my "New Tab" on firefox to a different search bar! not AVG, but the problem was the same. I have managed to fix it, so maybe this will put yours back to normal too... Open firefox, asuming this takes you to the firefox homepage, type about:config in the searh bar, it will pop up and ask if your sure, click the "i'll be carful I promise" button to proceed. You can either scroll down the list and find the following settings, or just type them exactly as I have here, into the search box: You then right click on these settings and click "reset" browser.search.defaultenginename keyword.URL If this does not work, open the about:config again, and scroll down to find all the AVG entries, if any say "search engine", "search results", "extensions." or similar reset these also. Anything that says "user set" you can reset without damaging firefox. You can also use the "manage search engines" option as discussed earlier in the thread, and go ahead and "remove" all of the search engines except Google.