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  1. Could merchandise like this even be shifted? Granted they could melt them down but there can't be much money in that and bringing them back to market would be suicide. Unless they're stolen to order of course, they do seem quite specific.
  2. Emperor Oli

    Are you being serious?

    Beautiful. I'm sure if Wyon were alive today he would be doing exactly this.
  3. Emperor Oli

    My baby is born!

    Congrats, Hussulo!
  4. Emperor Oli


    Out of service when I visited, doesn't look like it will be for long.
  5. Emperor Oli


    Thanks everyone! Just got my pack of stuff through from Durham and the number of forms to fill in is quite amazing - why don't they do it over the internet? Can't wait to go, I'm really geared up for it.
  6. Hi all, picked up my A-level results today and I got: Economics - A Politics - A Maths - A General Studies - A And a distinction in the advanced extension award for Economics. All in all a good day! So this means I'm off to Durham at the end of September to study Economics & Politics. Anyone know any good coin shops?!
  7. Emperor Oli

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The experts of course!
  8. Emperor Oli

    A £600 Churchill Crown

    That really annoys me.
  9. Emperor Oli

    Post your gold

    Beautiful, looks like something Sylvester would be envious of!
  10. Emperor Oli

    New RM issue

    You're catering to the market.
  11. Emperor Oli

    New RM issue

    I think they lost it long ago! The Britannia series and a few of the £2s are the notable exceptions.
  12. Emperor Oli

    New RM issue

    My sarcasm was a bit too subtle! This woman already has one coin in her memory, why she needs another is beyond me. Plus the execution (seemingly like all modern RM issues) is below par.
  13. Emperor Oli

    Post your gold

    That is beautiful. Really nice colour, is it like that in the flesh?
  14. Ooerr Zoom in, truly a wonder.
  15. Emperor Oli

    New modern error coin report

    Pretty big mistake there! Did you know it existed or was it a fluke? I just cashed in lots of commemorative £2s at the bank...every time I received one in change I put it away in a box. Edit: Just checked one that was leftover and it had the correct lettering.