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  1. Fuzzygoat

    Harold confirmation

    I was too slow with my offer, looked like a nice coin but I was too nervous, thanks for the replies all.
  2. Fuzzygoat

    Harold confirmation

    Please could someone confirm this coin as Harold for me?
  3. Thanks all for your responses, I think the moral of the story is research and more research, it’s hard not to take the plunge and start to buy, but I think I’m starting to narrow down what I would like to focus on, next I need to research the values/ selling prices. Do you generally find SPINK to be accurate re prices fo say Victorian coins, I apologise if that’s a daft question but as I explained previously this is a whole new area for me.
  4. Hi All My first post after following the forum for some months now, I’ve been collecting Roman coins for many years and more recently English hammered, even a couple of stray Celtic coins. But what I don’t have is any milled coins in my collection. I have as many others have struggled with where to start, being a bit of a completionist it could be a slippery slope. That was until this thread, my initial thought was to try to collect one of each denomination by portrait from Soveriegn down from maybe George III through Victoria, rather than going for random dates does anyone have any suggestions on some of the easier dates to try for, or is it not possible to do this by date ie too expensive/rare/not all coins minted etc I have ordered a new coin cabinet and as yet haven’t decided on the draw config, it would be nice to customise a few drawers to accommodate this new ambition. all suggestion gratefully received. thanks Peter