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  1. william

    General Elections

    I took the test on whoyoushouldvotefor.com and came out as green party. I even took it a 2nd time and re-thought my answers but i'm still green!
  2. Try putting them in a vending machine and see what happens! My friend at school did that with a couple of Elizabeth II/George VI coins once. He wrapped them in foil and the machine accepted them as £1. However, the machine was very old, and when you ordered a can of diet coke for £1, you got the drink, but you also got the £1 back!
  3. I like Luke..... but how about Monty or Cecil?! Or Ed, Ted, Jed, Fred, Ned......?
  4. william

    Quiet lately

    So I will have great difficulty getting hold of one of them... I bought a set of liras and it cost €12
  5. Yes, it could easily be an imitation spade guinea (or half guinea). What does the reverse legend say? The proper one is M.B.F.ET.H.REX.F.D.B.ET.L.D.S.R.I.A.T.ET.E. If that isn't the legend, it could be one of those Victorian gambling tokens, or if that is the legend it could be a counterfeit....... maybe it was a copper counterfeit that was once gilted gold?
  6. william

    Quiet lately

    Hi and yes, I'm still here! I went on holiday to Rome a couple of weeks before the Pope died, and bought a set of the vatican coins. Does anyone know how much the Sede Vacante coins are, and where I could get one from? Thanks. Still looking out for Victorian, I've been buying quite a lot of colonial coins lately, and also any older stuff that takes my fancy.
  7. Yes it does look a little wider than normal doesn't it? I've got one of these as well - only it's a 1943 farthing inside a George VI threepence (can't see the date of the 3d)
  8. Aaargh I missed mine as well but it was only a couple of months ago...
  9. william

    My new website

    Okay, looking good so far, but I have spotted a few typos! Home page: See My Corkboard for news about coins, the latest forum news and latest purchases into my colletion. I hope you enjoy the site. Scroll down the thebottom of this page to vote in the current poll. About me As with the forum, I started this website as a usefull source of information for fellow coin collectors and researchers.
  10. william


    NOOO! I missed the pic of Oli!!
  11. william

    My new web site

    well done on your 100th visitor!
  12. william

    Coin Fairs

    I know how you feel! I can't find any in the North West near me!!
  13. william

    I'm a Cow now.

    Does anyone here remember the comedy cow I used to use?? The one that had its ear and nose pierced, and was smoking?