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  1. I just end up keep recycling them in haha, I will probably call it quits after another couple though.
  2. Phaseolus

    New Arrival

    Congratulations jaggy!
  3. Phaseolus

    'dipped Roman contemporary forgeries'

    Hi Steve, You can reduce the pic size see Pickris' comment below: I don't know about the coin myself but thought I would just help getting a picture up, would be nice to see
  4. Oh and if you want any PM me which ones you need as I have a load from those runs that I might otherwise just put back into circulation.
  5. Phaseolus

    The Last Round Pound United Kingdom £1 2016

    Me too, I quite like it. Here's the link to it for anyone who's interested, they're £10: http://www.royalmint.com/shop/The_Last_Round_Pound_2016_United_Kingdom_1_pound_Brilliant_Uncirculated_Coin
  6. Welcome Mark I have been collecting £2 coins as well, and only just recently in an active manner. As smoke mentioned one thing you can do, if you want a circulated Jane Austen £2 is go to the Bank and withdraw £X in £2 coins, then go through and see if you get one. This can be a long process though and of course the chances are slim you'll find one, but this is how I got 6 commemorative coins I needed in two trips. Hope this helps.
  7. Phaseolus

    Beatrix Potter

    Yeah, they have been sky-rocketing haven't they.
  8. Phaseolus

    Copper Ten Pence 2013

    I was thinking the same in terms of corrosion.
  9. Phaseolus

    Copper Ten Pence 2013

    Hey Elaina, As it's magnetic it's unlikely to be Copper. I would say it's not of any particular interest and that something may have happened to the Nickel plating leaving the steel beneath to rust, but I wouldn't know for sure or how the plating would have come off.
  10. Phaseolus

    Opinions on eBay

    Good idea azda, I will check around for the list you mentioned.
  11. Phaseolus

    Recent aquisitions

    Nice coins @Matteo95 very interesting background, nice looking design!
  12. Phaseolus

    Copper Ten Pence 2013

    Hi and welcome, I am also new so I will probably not be too helpful but in 2012 Royal mint changed 5 and 10p coins to nickel-plated steel, so it should be magnetic anyway: http://blog.royalmint.com/why-are-some-uk-coins-magnetic/ I can't help you with regards to the colouring, it's not rust is it? - I am not sure if they even can myself. Do you have a picture of it so we can see it? Hope this helps somewhat.
  13. Phaseolus

    Opinions on eBay

    I definitely need to get more informed before going back to eBay myself as I believe some coins I previously bought on there were probably overpriced on reflection! I didn't know that about Sundays, I will avoid them like the plague in future, I appreciate the heads up. Luckily as I am only collecting £2 at the moment I don't have so much of an issue with having to be specific, but I can see that hitting me in the near future.
  14. Phaseolus

    New pound coin

    Just throwing it out there, probably unlikely. But do you reckon there's a chance the obverse/reverse die is on the underneath instead of above the blank for a few machines whereas it's normally the other way?
  15. Phaseolus

    Opinions on eBay

    That all makes sense, I have already found myself getting a little carried away with the coins, but have slowed down now. @IanB Waiting on a couple of books to arrive then I can get down to some reading and hopefully maintain my interest whilst leaving my bank account relatively unscathed. @declan03 Sorry to hear about the 20p, that must've been a big disappointment, did you get your money back? I think I will leave eBay for now and just casually flick through without committing to anything when I have the time. Save up my money for the November London Coin Fair Thanks for the advice all! Much appreciated!