Coin Advice

UK Coin collecting:

British Gold Coins - British gold bullion coins, weights, purity and information 1816-now.

The Identification guide - Diameters and metal types of British coins to help identification. Now covers 1760-1967

Silver and popular valuation requests - information on current silver market values and some notes about popular valuation requests.

British Kings and Queens - History lesson! The years they ruled 1714-now.

UK Key Dates - An Important reference list of all the British key dates 1821 - 1970. A great help when you find the time to sort through your accumulation!

Grading guide - Grading British (and World coins) including grading chart from 11 different countries.

Denomination guide - Predecimal British monetary system info.

Ridiculous 'New Pence' Two pence rumour - The truth behind the £400.00 2 pence piece!

General Coin collecting:

Numismatic Dictionary - The most commonly used phrases and abbreviation in coin collecting and their meanings. With a few pictures thrown in for good measure!

Euro Coins - Information about the golden alloy used in the New Euro 10, 20 and 50c coins.

Cleaning coins - Or rather NOT cleaning coins.

Buying Coins online - A short few words of advice on buying coins online, particularly in an online auction.

Storage - You've collected a few coins, how can you store them to ensure no damage will be caused by the environment and other external factors?

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