Coin Storage

Coin collectors often have difficulty deciding how to store their coins. One excellent way of storing coins is to use a specially produced storage tray, these consist of a velvet like tray with holes for a number of coins and a Perspex cover which acts as a drawer. They are usually stackable. These are great and will not cause any damage to coins and at the same time makes them accessible and easy to see. An interesting fact is that all of the three coin tray makers that I have heard of are German Companies.

Believe it or not! This page was never intended to be an advert but I have established a range of these products purchased directly from the manufacturer in Germany. I also have an acid free coin album and other interesting products. See the coin accessories for sale on this website.

They trays start at around GBP10.00 here, compared to up to GBP14.00 elsewhere. This is still often too expensive for young collectors, so often the only thing to do is to buy albums with plastic pages for coin storage. Be aware that some older pages can actually contain substances that damage some types of coins.

It seems all the plastic coin pages being made now are free of acid and other damaging substances including the range for sale through this website.

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This is an example of a Coin tray designed for superior coin storage and accessibility. Stackable, compact and portable.