Selling Your Coins

If you are a coin collector and have double dates, or unwanted coins you'd like to swap please see here.

  • Specialist in valuing and helping you with inherited coin collections.

  • Professional, discrete service

  • Personal visits often arranged

  • 4 options to help you get the maximum return in the most preferred timescale.

What you Should know first (bear with me)...

I buy lots of coins, most of them from people that have contacted me using this page. It seems to work very well, and I know that some people have contacted me again with coins years later and that some have recommended me to others. 

I do have to be quite fussy though as collectors only want the better coins, they don't usually want average coins or damaged coins (including holed, or used in jewellery) in fact of all the coins made over the last 200+ years the standards have to be very high indeed. I do read every message sent via this page, but I get offered a lot of coins that are not suitable and I'm afraid I don't get time to reply to every one.

If the value of the coins you have is high enough to warrant a personal visit, then I will gladly visit anywhere in the UK to look at your coins. For the right coins I'd also travel worldwide! It's very important to realise though, that the vast majority of coins - made by the million and circulated for decades, or even 100+ years - are usually almost worthless! The only collectable coins are the ones that were made in lower numbers, have survived in much better than average condition, or are in demand from collectors.

With the above in mind, the most frequently used method of getting coins to me is in the post. I'm hardly likely to drive/fly to Aberdeen to buy £50 worth of coins, much as I'd like to visit Aberdeen! Despite the bad things that one hears about the Royal Mail losing post left right and centre, I actually cannot speak highly enough about them. I've had very little problems with lost post, in fact the only problems I've had have involved post that I've sent that has somehow not got the the recipient and ended up back with me. Nothing has actually been lost within Western Europe as far as I can remember (with the exception of Italy, which seems to have more criminals working for their post office than they do in their jails! And of course some Eastern European countries don't have a wonderful track record either). I digress. 

Posting coins to me, a virtual stranger, will of course require a high level of trust on the part of the sender (i.e YOU). There's not much point me trying to put into words how trustworthy I am, you either have faith in me and, or you don't. To save us both time though; if there's no way in the world that you would ever consider sending your coins in the post to me, a virtual stranger, then please consider not telling me about them, unless you know for sure they are worth a personal visit!

Also, please note that this is not a free valuation service, and if you want to sell your coins on eBay, then do that, but do it without wasting my time first! I get lots of messages that say things like: "I have an X from 18XX, I'm not sure what it is, can you tell me? And what's it worth?". With such messages I know that if I reply with "It's a Regional token, known as a Conder token and issued by lots of local merchants around that time and previously in the 1790s, I'd pay £10 for it", that within about 5 minutes it's likely to be on eBay starting at £10 and using an exact copy of my description of what it is! That is quite annoying, as you can imagine, especially so when I would have liked to buy the item. If you want to sound like you know what you're talking about regarding an eBay listing, then try books and Googling!

Also, consider this: I was offered a well circulated 1983 error 2p (the NEW PENCE TYPE, see explanation on the home page). I offered the lady £200 for it. All she had to do was send it and after I'd checked it was the error coin in question she would have received £200 by bank transfer or cheque. We had a little discussion and exchanged a few emails. Then she went quiet. Weeks later I happened to check eBay, and there it was, listed with exactly the same picture she had sent me. It had sold for £150 (less, because there would have been eBay fees). I found that slightly satisfying, as a greedy lady had just lost £50. I must admit I was upset too, because I wanted the coin.  

As you may guess from the website, I am mainly interested in British coins and European coins but will also purchase some other quality coins from anywhere in the world. As a rule I am generally only interested in pre 1960 coins, unless there is something interesting or special about a modern issue (and there normally isn't!).

I have residences in both Germany and the UK so I can handle paying for collections or coins from a British bank account or a German bank account via bank transfer or personal cheque. I can also send Euro or Pounds sterling cash to other nations with reliable postal systems via insured post. I can use Paypal for payments to the US/Canada and other countries that accept paypal payments. Generally, my favourite payment method is bank transfer as it's quickest and least time consuming for me. For those of you reading this that reside outside Europe or in countries without Paypal, I will not refuse your collection as that would not make good business sense but you should be aware that your collection would have to be worth my while to cover the extra expense associated with sending money in other currencies to other countries.

To talk to me about the options featured on this page, email.

Your Choices...

Option 1: Sell them directly to me.

Tell me what you have. If I believe you have a collectable coin or collection I will endeavor to make you an offer either over email after seeing good quality pictures, or over email after actually receiving the coins. The latter is always more accurate as having the actual coins to hand means that I don't have to be cautious about the quality of the coins. I'm naturally a little conservative with photos as they sometimes do not show all the aspects of a coin that I use to determine its value. I will travel to most places if the collection cannot be posted or has a potential higher value but has not been sorted yet. I will gladly help you sort the collection and give an honest opinion on the value of it.

How much will I pay? I will pay a fair price relating to the quality of the coin or collection, how much I think I can sell the coins for, how long I think I will hold them until a buyer will be found and the effort involved in sorting, photographing, listing and selling the collection. Usually offers are around 60% of the price I intend to sell the coins for, often more, even up to full catalogue values for certain rare items. My offers are negotiable and so far nearly all of my offers have been accepted. Option 1 is by far the easiest way for you to sell your collection. Get rid of them all in one go! (I will often take items not really wanted if you would prefer to sell everything at once).

Hang about...Why Only around 60%?

I spend hours per week looking at peoples list of mostly old rubbish for free (the same old rubbish that I have seen many times before). I reply to 100's of people per month to tell them what they have and most often, that it's worthless. Being the bearer of mostly bad news I rarely get any thanks for that. Sometimes I forget that what I am actually here for is to make a profit! I sell the range of new collecting accessories and books too, but my chosen profession was to be a coin dealer, i.e. to buy and sell coins and make money from my knowledge in that field. For this reason, as much as I'd like to, I cannot possibly pay you the same amount for a coin as I sell it for! 

60% of the price I sell for is a very fair price to receive for a coin when you consider the effort and expertise that goes into maintaining my humble coin lists for the world to see and the effort involved in selling the coin to a collector. Unlike a supplier of new goods, every coin is completely unique and every coin needs special attention. I have to grade the coin properly on both sides and note any oddities/blemishes etc, I then have to scan/photograph the coin on both sides, price it fairly and list it on my website. I then have to wait for sometimes months or years before a customer comes along to purchase it! Add to that the effort involved in maintaining this website and all it's content, the cost of hosting the website and paying for the domain names and the connection to the internet when I need to make changes. If someone offered me 60% of the value of the coins on this site right this second, in cash, rather than 100% of the value over 5 years then I think I'd probably accept it too!

When you sell your coins to me, you get an honest opinion, instant cash and no hassle. They are gone on the spot! 

How is it arranged? Contact me via email, on 020 308 69996 (from the UK) or using the form below to tell me what you have, if I'm interested I'll make an offer. If agreeable, simply await the direct credit of the agreed amount in your bank account (within 4 working days of receipt, UK or German bank accounts only. Others via Paypal, Western Union or similar). If the coin or collection is not as described or suitable I'll send it straight back to you as insured as possible and at my expense.

Bulky Collections or unsorted collections:

Quite often collections are to bulky or unsorted and would warrant a lot of hard work on your part to list them/identify them etc. If this is the case it's quite likely I'll be able to make a personal visit, especially to locations in the UK and Germany to see what you have.

I want the presence! The more coins I have listed on the site, the more people that will re visit on a frequent basis to check for updates, so it works out good for me to have as many coins listed as possible. Regular visitors are all potential customers. Also, the higher the number of coins listed here the more chance that coin collectors will tell other coin collectors about the site, so I get free word of mouth advertising! 

I will very often offer you more than other dealers in an attempt to purchase stock not just to sell but also to have listed on this site. 

To tell me about what you have simply fill in this form and click 'Submit': 

RECOMMENDED - Whenever filling in online forms, always take a copy of the main text so that in the event of an error, you won't have to re-type it all! This can be done like this:

Click inside the main box above.
Hold down the Ctrl (Control) button and press 'A' to select all the text.
With the text highlighted, press Ctrl again and press 'C' to take a copy of the text.
The text is now held in the clipboard memory and can be pasted anywhere (for example into an empty box above, into notepad, Word etc etc) by clicking where you want the text to appear and pressing Ctrl and 'V' to paste.

Please note: With the volume of enquiries I get, that it is sometimes not possible for me to reply to every message. If I believe from your description that it would not be economical to arrange for the collection/postage of your item(s) or if I feel I already have plenty of what you are offering I may not reply. If you don't get a reply within 2 weeks, please feel free to send a reminder to

To talk to a representative about the options featured on this page, email.

Option 2: Auction your coin or collection.

"I am absolutely delighted with the fantastic result that my coins, handled by you, achieved at auction. The result far exceeded my expectations and I would like to express to you my profound gratitude - as well as astonishment. Again, many thanks.

Mr E Osers, (Reading, England)"

This option is only practical for single coins of higher value (approximately above £100). If you would rather not sell your collection directly to me and feel auctioning each coin individually might bring you more cash why not let me auction your coins for you? With backing from a guarantee on every item sold and my involvement with the ANS and BNTA your coins are sure to sell for the maximum amount. This Option will involve me receiving the coins, either by post, or personally if the coins warrant the travel distance involved.

The Service includes:

  • Evaluation of which coins are likely to get the best return.

  • Professional grading of each eligible coin.

  • Quality pictures of each coin.

  • Accurate description of each coin using Numismatic terms.

  • Selling backed by the predecimal reputation and 'Guarantee that coins are in condition stated'.

  • Cash credited straight into your UK or European Bank account (please ask about non UK accounts)

  • I will be responsible for sending your coins individually to their buyers and accepting payments from all over the world to save you even more hassle.

Fees are on a percentage basis of each coin sold. I charge 25% of the final sale price of each lot auctioned and that fee will cover all fees payable to the auctioneers

This is a very good deal considering your items are put on the open market and will be seen by an international audience as well as my regular customers. Sometimes items sell for much more than you expect and you are always in control. After my advice you are free to set a reserve and starting price at a level you think appropriate. Items that do not sell can be re auctioned or sent back for a small handling fee to cover postage costs.

If you would like to contact me regarding this service please fill in the form and you will be contacted very soon:

Your email address:  

Telephone Number: (inc national code)

IMPORTANT - The following square box MUST be checked for the information to be sent properly:

(The checkbox is designed to trip up some spam bots that barrage me daily with spam emails via this form!)

Please note: With the volume of enquiries I get, that it is sometimes not possible for me to reply to every message. If I believe from your description that it would not be economical to arrange for the collection/postage of your item(s) or if I feel I already have plenty of what you are offering I may not reply. If you don't get a reply within 2 weeks, please feel free to send a reminder to

To talk to a representative about the options featured on this page, email.

Option 3: Feature your items on this site.

With a steadily rising number of visitors to this site, currently around 30,000 unique people per month, with many of those looking to buy coins. It may be worth getting your coin or collection listed here too.

If you have British coins that will fit into one of my listed sections on this site and are not in any particular hurry to sell your coins this may be the service for you.

How it works: I'll advise you over email about how much the coins are likely to sell for and if it would be worthwhile putting them on this site. If you choose to you can then send me the coins. I will make images of them, agree prices with you and list them with my regular coins on this site. Then we wait! Some coins get snapped up literally in hours some may take months or even longer. If after 6 months you want the coins back I will return them, if not we will try for another 6 months. 6 months is the minimum time I can have the coins is my possession and listed on this site. To give me a fair chance you can only ask for the coins back at the end of one of the 6 month periods.

How much does it cost? When the coin or coins sell the fee is 20% of the sale or a minimum of £5.00 to cover the time involved in scanning the coin, grading it, pricing it and listing it. I will take payment from the buyer and organise sending the item(s) to them. I will then transfer the remainder into a British or European bank account (via Western Union or other arrangement for other countries). Any items that do not sell will be returned to you via insured mail for a nominal fee to cover postage, but there is no maximum time the coins can be on the site.


1. You send me a coin to advertise. I list it with a picture, accurately graded priced at £40.00. It sells a month later and I take payment successfully and send the coin to its buyer. The buyer gets 14 days approval and after this period I owe you £40.00 - 20% = £32.00. I then transfer £32.00 straight into your bank account or make another arrangement to get the funds to you.

2. You send me a coin to advertise. I list it on the site but after a minimum period of 6 months listed with a picture, accurately graded and for a fair price the coin does not sell and you decide you want it back. I will send you the coin back fully insured and will ask you for a nominal amount towards postage costs. The postage costs for a few items sent insured will rarely be over £10.00. There is no fee for the grading and listing of the unsold coin.

3. You send me 10 coins, I sell 7 of them, deduct 20% and transfer the remainder to your bank account. After 6 months from the start of the listing the other 3 coins remain unsold and you decide you would like them back. I send them back to you as insured as possible at my expense!

To talk to a representative about the options featured on this page, email.

Option 4: Coin Bits for old Bobs scheme!

If you are a coin collector and have a few coins you don't want, this could be the thing for you. Simply swap them for collecting accessories on this site!


What assurances do I offer regarding all buying and selling of items through this website? Click here.

Not sure of how to grade coins then see the informative guide to grading British/World coins or why not post a picture in the forum.