Bits for old Bobs


Great Idea, Rubbish name! 

 The 'Coin bits for old Bobs scheme'.

If you are a coin collector, from personal experience I bet I can guarantee at least two things:

1. You have some spare coins that you are not all that interested in, maybe they are doubles or you don't really collect that area (foreign coins for example), but for whatever reason you will have a stash of coins you don't really want.

2. After amassing a collection you realise that you are in need of something to put your best pieces in, and also perhaps the odd book about the coins you have. Maybe a coin album or a coin cabinet will do, perhaps even just plastic envelopes and a paperback on British coins.

Then it came to me in a flash! I offer coin accessories for sale to collectors and I also would like to obtain coins from collectors, why didn't I think of this before?

The 'Coin bits for old Bobs scheme'. (I tried to thing of something catchy for so long, and that rather appalling name was the best I could come up with!) *

How it works:

Basically, you send me your double dates, foreign coins etc, unwanted coins of any kind, I assess them and let you know how much I would sell them for on this site or in 'the real' world. Whatever total I come up you get 75% of their value worth of collecting accessories or books from this site.

For example: You send me some unwanted coins, I tell you I will price them at GBP100.00. You agree to that and accept GBP75.00 (75%) worth of my very reasonably priced collecting accessories and/or books on this site to house and look after the actual coins you are most interested in.

That way you get a very high percentage of their worth and I get more stock to add to the site. Most dealers will pay you 50-60% of catalogue value, so this way you get 75% and absolutely everyone is happy!

To make an enquiry about this scheme, use the form below:

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I'll get your message when you press 'Send Message' and I'll be in touch via email to find out more about what you have, what you want and to arrange the swap.


* For those of you under 40 or not British, a 'Bob' is an old slang term for a Shilling, which was 1/20th of a Predecimal British Pound. Please don't take it too literally, I'd also like to acquire coins that are not necessarily Bob's!