British Monarchs and the reigns

Date info on the reigns of the British monarchs that feature on most of your 'modern' British coins from over the last few hundred years.

George I1714-1727Born 28th May 1660 
George II1727-1760Born 30th October 1683Only child of George I
George III1760-1820Born 4th June 1738Grandson of George II
George IV1820-1830Born 12th August 1762Eldest son of George III. 
William IV1830-1837Born 21 August 1765Brother of George IV (who had no sons)
Victoria1837-1901Born 24th May 1819Niece of William IV
Edward VII1901-1910Born 9th November 1841Son of Victoria
George V1910-1936Born 3rd June 1865Second son of Edward VII
Edward VIII1936Born 2nd January 1894Son of George V. Gave up the throne
George VI1936-1952Born 14th December 1895Brother of Edward VIII
Elizabeth II1952-dateBorn 21st April 1926Daughter of George VI