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  1. I have picked up a load of mixed coinage in the last few days and having great fun sorting through it. Mostly foreign or common GB scrap/redeemable, although there were 2 1926 ME, several 1918H and 1919Hs, and 3 1902 LTs in the pennies there - all low grade. Most interesting GB so far I think is this token:
  2. Paddy

    1860 penny D or E or DE?

    I am a minnow when it comes to Penny varieties too, but you can learn a lot from Richard's site: https://headsntails14.wordpress.com/ including relating Gouby and Freeman references.
  3. I take it the 1971 Jamaica set is common? I have spotted one at auction if anyone is interested.
  4. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    What he is doing of course is maximising his chances of a random google or Ebay search turning up his coin as a match. I have just done a search for "1915 Calendar" within coins, to track down an advertising token I have come across for that year, and lo and behold, his junk 1966 penny was top of the "results matching fewer words" list!
  5. I have picked up bucket loads of coins in the last week and am enjoying sorting through them. This one interested me - obviously Tredegar 1812 penny, but very clearly overstruck on a Union Copper Company Birmingham Penny. Is this unusual? I see lots of 18th/19th century tokens, but have not noticed an overstrike before.
  6. A minor upgrade arrived today:
  7. Nothing special but I finally managed to spot an 1895 2mm in a pile of Victorian pennies (I think!).
  8. I picked this up at market today amongst a lot of other coins. I am struggling to get a complete ID on it. Measures about 44mm across (1.75 inches) and is in white metal - probably pewter. I have found one described in the V&A: http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O176361/medal-kempson/ but this gives no BHM reference. It is also here: https://collection.nam.ac.uk/detail.php?acc=1986-04-14-1 but again without a reference. I know a dealer who is keen to buy it off me, but I would like to get a BHM reference first and some idea of value? I have found similar designs used on medals and token boxes at several auctions (DNW and London Coins included) but not as a straight medal.
  9. Thanks for trying @bagerap. Did you see the examples in the two links I gave? Seems unusual that there are examples in well documented collections without it making it into any reference. In the end I will sell it as it is outside my collecting area. Any idea of value? PM me if you don't want to reply in public 🙂
  10. I have been contacted by email with someone trying to get a correct ID for this coin. Can someone help? I believe it is an Edward III Quarter Noble and I tend towards S1511 because of the annulet before Edward, but I can't make the symbol in the centre of the cross look like a "Lis". Nor an L, which might make it the much scarcer S1480. It doesn't look like an E either - anyone able to tell me? I know the pictures are not great - the best the owner can achieve. I may get to see it in hand next week, but until then any help appreciated.
  11. Beaten to the pass - another dealer has offered him £650, which I think is too high, so no deal for me.
  12. Thanks for that @Rob - I am glad I was on the right track. If I get to buy it, it will not be for my collection, as I don't do gold, but to sell on. I have a number of non-professional collectors that visit me regularly and would love to have something like this in their rather random selections. All depends on how much the current owner is prepared to accept for it.
  13. Thanks - I may get to own it, but I need to do my homework first!
  14. Paddy

    Goubys The British bronze penny .

    I thought it was Axminster carpets?
  15. I can't see anything with that date in the Withers list, which is all I have to go on.
  16. Interesting article o the minting of £2 and 2p coins from the Royal mit, as well as a discussion on the future of cash versus digital currency: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-54196300 It seems the Royal Mint has huge stockpiles of coins ready for issue - which explains why no new £2 designs have made it into circulation in the last few years and why we occasionally get a glut of older issues in brand new condition.
  17. Last time I scrapped in a bunch or old pennies and halfpennies I got £3.30 per kilo. If my calculations are right, that means £1's worth or old pennies would get about £7.50 scrap - just over 3p per penny. (Time has passed, so the rate may have gone up by now.) Even though the coins are bronze, not pure copper, I have found most scrap dealers will give the same price as copper.
  18. I agree websites are probably the best way forward and I am glad you have taken precautions to ensure yours carry on in the event of a disaster. It would be great if someone could recover and rejuvenate the Farthings site for posterity. Maybe a small consortium of serious collectors from this forum could form and fund a joint venture to ensure the long term future of these sites? With that security, we might be able to expand to include other/all GB denominations?
  19. I can't say I visit your site, or any other dealer site, regularly as I mostly buy through auctions or when people bring me coins at market. I have just had a trip round your site - I can see no problems. It loaded quickly and without issue. I navigated around it with ease and there were no long pauses to load pages or pictures. The design is fairly simple - but I prefer that. (Too many bells and whistles can make some sites difficult to comprehend as well as slow.) Not having a website of my own I do not know what all the statistics mean, or whether they actually have any affect on the usability or findability of your site. I would suspect Google is just trying to persuade you to spend money with them.
  20. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    These stink to me: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1951-King-George-V1-Penny-1950-Penny-1949-Brass-3-Pen-All-to-be-Sold-Together/333721667783?hash=item4db35c88c7:g:q7sAAOSwpQdfVn8T
  21. That's exactly how I read it, and it is born out by experience. Around here there has been a glut of the 2016 Shakepeare History coin - all brand new and uncirculated. Unfortunately I suspect the ones they produced for packet-only were in much smaller numbers and went straight into wrappers, so I don't foresee them coming into general circulation any time soon.
  22. Paddy

    Flatbed scanners

    I used to use my HP 4500 (Envy) for scanning and the results were "ok" for unimportant coin pictures. The scanner can be set at up to 1200dpi, but at the higher rates gets slower and slower. I gave up using the scanner when I got a decent digital SLR and I use that on a tripod with magnifying rings, small aperture and long exposures to get the best I can. Bear in mind with scanners that you never get any depth of focus - the parts of the coin in contact with the glass can be sharp but any depth of detail will be progressively more mushy.
  23. After my eventual success with the threehalfpence, it has been suggested I list the few threepence dates I still need. Any readable condition considered as long as the price is commensurate with the condition! 1853, 1852, 1849, 1848, 1847, 1842, 1839 I am ashamed to admit I have all but given up searching on Ebay - either no hits at all or ridiculously high prices for the condition, or mis-identified groats. (The 1839 at auction on Ebay at the moment I am already watching.)