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  1. Thanks again @Rob - very much appreciated.
  2. Here are the 4 pennies. Two I have made good progress with, two I find very difficult to be sure of. First I believe is Henry V, S1785, York:
  3. That is brilliant - Thanks @Rob
  4. That would be possible and I tried to find a match in any of the subsequent Henrys, but got nowhere.
  5. ... and finally this one I believe is Henry III, Nichole on Lund, S1356C:
  6. ... third I presume is another Edward I, Canterbury, and I think Class 9 or 10, but not sure which:
  7. ... Second I presume is Edward I, London, but I am struggling to decide which class:
  8. ... third I believe is Henry VIII S2334, London:
  9. ... Second I believe is Richard II S1699, London:
  10. Finally managed to pick up a couple of halfpenny upgrades at auction:
  11. Are they for serving my guilt out to others or helping myself to a bit more?
  12. With DNW I would be confident that the starting bid would be the lowest that meets the reserve, allowing for auctioneers discretion if applicable. (I assume the answer above allows for 10% discretion on a £500 reserve.) I would expect the same from most other reputable auction houses, whether coin specialists or not. With LCA I have no such confidence.
  13. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    As ever because the £320 was a shill bid, so the coin never left her filthy mits at all. You would think she had got the message by now.
  14. Paddy

    1860 penny

    I don't think it can be a Freeman 1* - the eye is definitely a Freeman 1 style (Gouby C). The only debate is whether it is Gouby C or C1. Using @secret santa site, the slightly broader rim and the linear line ending short on the left is why I think it is C1, not C. But I will bow to greater knowledge - any other input?
  15. Paddy

    1860 penny

    As everyone knows, not my speciality, but using Secret Santa's website I think it has to be Gouby C1? Beaded border, eye face vertical, thicker border and linear circle at the left ends by second tooth, not fourth.
  16. Nantwich auction on Easylive. Not a regular coin specialist and new to Easylive, so untested. I bid on a number of items but only won two - neither in the pre-decimal interest area.
  17. Yes - I was watching that one as well. I decided I didn't need it quite that much at £75 + commission + postage.
  18. Paddy

    Convert PDF to Jpeg

    If you are on Windows and it is only for a few bits you can use the inbuilt Windows snip/screen saver. Hold down the "Windows" key and shift S - you can then draw a box round the bit you want. When you release the mouse button the image is saved to the clipboard and you can save from there as jpg. If you need whole documents converting, I found this: https://pdf2jpg.net/ - not used it myself before, so maybe try with something small and unimportant first.
  19. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    You would have thought they had got the message by now that no one will pay that much for it. Last Revision April 2020 - it has been there at least 8 months already.
  20. Paddy

    1858/3 Penny

    Sadly he died in the last 5 years. He retired from the school long before that and enjoyed his later years in a house maintained within the grounds for retired clergy. I kept seeing reports on his wellbeing in the Old Boys magazine, and kept thinking I should pay him a visit - and then he died.
  21. Paddy

    1858/3 Penny

    My old housemaster, Father Andrew Alexander again! I wish I had got to know him better.
  22. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Interestingly in the detailed description he does highlight that the apparently valuable coin is a restrike. Covers himself when the disappointed buyer realises his mistake!
  23. Worth reporting to trading standards?
  24. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Or the Ouzo...
  25. The US constitution actually has a clause barring anyone from standing for election as President if they are insane. You have to be mad to want to be President!