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  1. Looking through com listings on ebay I found


    Item specifics

    Item not identified as the wrong spelling fetched around £25 in postage , coin in nothing like the same grade as mine - I am sure it could have gone higher.

  2. The european lauer pieces are a never ending subject with new designs being found all the time - I would expect the german pieces to have been well reserched locally over many years but a lot of the others were probably made in low quantities and many were lost in the first and second world wars , I would have expected the richer economies of europe, ie, france and belgium and germany to have fallen for these coins very quickly others like portugal and spain might have been less profitable so were overlooked , they could also have been used as dolls house money for posh kids rather than family keepsakes like they were in the uk.

  3. In my opinion its a really hard job seperating joseph moore coins from many many makers of tokens-jettons-counters whatever you call them the production of these just exploded from about 1850 onwards in birmingham and to a lesser extent London, the lauer coins are a diferent matter as few makers seemed to copy what they did .

    By the way have you got the lauer QUEN VICTORIA  to hanover token dr larry ? I picked one up in birmingham for the usual £1 about six months ago, I was dead chuffed to buy it as its quite an embarasing thing to do having QUEN for QUEEN in the legend .

    It has Lauer on the queens breast so you can tell it's a german import.

    If you need anymore information just google it and you should find it .

    And yes it's in A/unc condition as well as the scan proves


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  4. You are right it could be a pendant it has a reeded edge and could have been coated in brass but it has come off - I really dont know anything for certain about this coin - there again thats one of the great things about collecting these coins you are never sure where they have come from...

  5. 17 hours ago, DrLarry said:

    a bargain well done , good value for money so you have made a potential profit of about £15  they seem to be selling for about that these days.  

    Wow did not know that.

    The model mille is not mine though i wish it was , I lifted the picture off the internet - i think its about the best i have ever seen mine grades about nvf

  6. 7 minutes ago, DrLarry said:

    yes I certainly didn't it was in with some other stuff I think ....it is surprising though even in the last 5 years the prices have been creeping up on rare issues

    Some of the stuff I have picked up over the years is certainly a lot more in demand , but its a small but growing market a lot of the collectors from the seventies that collected just as an interest have much more knowlege so people are less willing to let the more interesting item go for a song .

    By the way do you have a joseph moore quarter sov?

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  7. Sorry but I could not justify paying around £40 for one of those george v coins they are simply a bit poor for that sort of money , about £12 might be right , I surpose they are really rare though.

  8. 3 minutes ago, 1949threepence said:


    The overriding principle in cases such as White's should have at their core, the fact that the incidents are not of the householder's making, and reaction is often based on fear, emotion, panic and sheer survival instinct. 

    In White's case, the fact that he's suffered a far worse life punishment than the criminals who targeted him is utterly appalling, which is why he's attracted so much sympathy from the general public.

    Ahhh but did it get him a lenient sentence?

    The answer is no

  9. 7 hours ago, DrLarry said:

    I did not know that.  I saw on a couple of websites that they were still making pretty poor quality tokens into the 1930's.  The Victorian ones were by far the best and the "special relationship" between Britain and Germany must have made selling to the UK market much easier.   I often ( well not that often) come across small bags filled with various denominations all of the same grade and wondered if the making up of the boxes took place at the agents and shops? I am sure you avid collectors of real coins would know more about the process but I have to assume they used some kind of reduction machine to cut the dies? I have heard you guys mention that by the 1880's the royal mint used them.  I think I have seen one in action in an old film from the 1920's showing the method of transferring from a large plaster model to a smaller dimension for the positive impression which is then reversed for the die. 

    I have seen a couple of george v 1911 coins I think a shilling was one of them , they are pretty rare , I would certainly love to have a couple , soon afer 1911 the climate changed for german firms selling to the uk and never really recovered

  10. On 11/18/2022 at 9:29 PM, 1949threepence said:

    Great film, shot in colour at a time when they were mostly black and white.

    One of my John Huntley videos, "Steam on 35mm 1" features some great railway out takes shot on the Camerton branch of the now closed "Somerset & Dorset joint railway"


    Hope they had plenty pills as well , if so it might not have closed down in the sixties and been very popular with hippies .That beeching had no soul

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  11. 29 minutes ago, DrLarry said:

    I think in terms of total numbers we are likely only dealing with no more than 4 or 5 examples surviving that are known.  Did you share your s with him when he was writing because the one in the image in the book is an uncirculated one.

    I would say probably 30-60  I don't think there are less than 10

    My example anyway


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  12. 20 hours ago, DrLarry said:

    are those R's instead of E's ?  I am trying to think where I have placed my model coins....  my gothic copper ones as above are both 1848 I had not realised there was an 1849 

    Definately E in both E

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  13. The answer to the "Albert " coin might be quite simple Albert was given the title "Prince consort" in the middle of 1857 so the "albert" coin was possably an early version before he was titled that of course means all the rest were post  summer 1857.

    How rotten is this country giving him this title  so late

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  14. 4 hours ago, DrLarry said:

    I think as you also showed the queens Scent Box  set I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the other Royal Family sets  too.  There appear to be many more variations than listed in Rogers Section 06 # 270 to 278.  Most of the differences are in the design of the portraits.  I found a set recently with the rare ALBERT without the PRINCE I am assuming that the set in a complete set so may help with this issue.  I have found the VICTORIA without the REG but it was not associated with a set so I cannot verify what was issued with it.  As I have shown above the design of the WINDSOR CASTLE BOX has four or more variations assumably had various issues associated with them .  

    Rogers #271 and # 270 a.  10.5 mm 

    CM221127-130126041 (412x420).jpgCM221127-130151042 (386x420).jpg

    CM221127-130832043 (406x420).jpgCM221127-130850044 (412x420).jpg

    I too have a single ALBERT piece not sure how rare it is but there are at least two existing mine is in much better grade than yours though

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  15. I am pretty sure my 1902 hairy head farthing is copper coated iron but its in such great nick I dont fancy scratching it to find out.

    Sounds like rogers spotted the farthing specialist 1849 quarter farthing too late after John had sold it to another collector and he never found another one , life's like that for coin collector's isn't it?

  16. 11 hours ago, DrLarry said:

    are those R's instead of E's ?  I am trying to think where I have placed my model coins....  my gothic copper ones as above are both 1848 I had not realised there was an 1849 

    Is it in rogers the 1849 I mean? I saw one listed in the seventies in a farthing specialist list so theres more than one hanging around