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  1. I'm not sure if I can delete that as it's like a viewable message between you and PWA 1967. Says it's a status update. I would have thought there should be a way for you to delete/change it.



      Hi Chris I just cannot find a way to delete it the other day. I now cannot find it at all. This is driving me mad now. I would have thought admin would be able to delete it. If you can find it again perhaps you can send a link so perhaps I may be able to delete it from my end. It seems that on most posts you only have a window of an hour to edit the post unfortunately by limiting the edit of a post can cause problems with situations like this. On most of the forums I have been on allow editing at any time. Only my opinion on this matter, it would be better if you could edit posts as and when instead of limiting this process.

      Regards Mick

      PS Hope you can help