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  1. Oswald

    Online Auction

    Thank you for your replies and feedback. I think, I will buy some stamps for $1 just to check is everything is OK. jelida, thank you for your support☺️
  2. I found a new place to buy rare items (https://oldlouis.com). Did anybody had any experience working with them? I know that there only stamps but mb someone collects both coins and stamps. In fact, I want to buy these two stamps 1919 Japan Airmail https://oldlouis.com/lot/226464/ . Should I make the bid? Thank you in advance.
  3. Oswald

    Top 5 iconic pre-decimal coins?

    My top is Gothic Crown 1847 William IV Half Crown 1834 Queen Anne Farthing 1714 William & Mary 1891 Edward VII florin 1902
  4. Mark where do you live? I think it is possible to find what your search in the bank.
  5. Oswald

    1861 Sovereign

    I think the best way is to see the correct position in Internet or in the catalog
  6. Oswald

    Grading coins.

    After cleaning the coin look much better. I grade it as "Fine"
  7. Oswald

    Dot to Dot 10p

    What is the final price for the coins?
  8. For me, it looks like mechanical error, rather than a technical one.
  9. Oswald

    Vaccum packing.

    I read that vacuum sealing is not advisable for long term storing of the coins. You can read more here: https://www.coincommunity.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14446
  10. Oswald


    I celebrated NYE in Iceland tree years ago. I still considered that Iceland is the best place to celebrate New Year. All people on the street were so friendly and the atmosphere so nice. Talking about their famous fireworks, it was amazing too (there is a ban for a fireworks during the year in Iceland, so people put all of them during one night).
  11. Oswald

    Unknown coin - Caracalla

    Thank you for your reply. I just asked as I did not see pictures in the first message, just only empty squares. Today, everything is ok and I see the pictures, and I absolutely agree with you.
  12. Oswald

    Unknown coin - Caracalla

    Did you see the photos of the coins?
  13. Oswald

    3 coins for ID

    In general the quality of the photo is not very good. I am really impressed that someone recognized George I farthing from it.
  14. Oswald

    Ukrainian coins

    Yes, I see. Do you plan to make the English version in the future?
  15. Oswald

    1902 Edward VII halfcrown. Proof?

    I think the price was cheaper than analogues due to the unprofessional cleaning of one side. I do not recommend you to clean the other one. It look quite nice in this condition.