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  1. Benio

    Beginner in need of guidance

    I've had a bit of a look round & i think i'm leaning towards the threepence, as there seems to be a lot of variety in shape & material, there are some cheaper & some rarer examples to try collect so i think i'm going to start there. Thanks again for everyone's help
  2. Benio

    Beginner in need of guidance

    Do they show in black & white? I can't say i've ever had anything with pictures on the kindle
  3. Benio

    Beginner in need of guidance

    OK i think i get it, so year doesn't really come into it you are just aiming for 1 of everything
  4. Benio

    Beginner in need of guidance

    Wow, thanks guys! great response, im a little confused by the type collector... am i right in thinking date collector would collect a single denomination in every possible year type collector would collect every denomination from a single year / monarch / etc...
  5. Benio

    Beginner in need of guidance

    Thanks guys! Im just looking at the books now, im guessing the kindle books are more for reference as i don't think my kindle would show the images? My main concern is that i would pick a theme which was either far too vast to ever realistically make any progress or that was far too valuable & again i would be left stuck.
  6. Hi Everybody, I'm a complete beginner, know absolutely nothing about coins. My interest has come as over the last few years my Grandad has begun to buy me coins for special events, they are new, silver coins from the royal mint which i imagine have relatively low value due to being so new. I've been reading around a little and to be honest i don't really know where to start, i would like to start a small collection with a fairly small budget & i've read that being quite specific is a good starting point. Would anyone be able to suggest a good "first collection" which would be rewarding to collect but at the same time not be too large & expensive? Ideally i would like to collect British coins, aside from that i'm open to any ideas at all Thanks for any assistance Ben